Emanuel Carville Begala Stephanopoulos: The Gang of Four

The President’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, rendevous’ with the most Liberal of Liberal pundits – every morning, and these four have hooked-up nearly every morning for 17 years. The Gang of Four are all employed by MSNBC, ABC or Barack Obama.

James Carville – MSNBC, Paul Begala – MSNBC and George Stephanopoulus – ABC. That’s a conference call coming out of, or into, the highest level of the White House…to or from the media – every morning! And Obama whines about Limbaugh!

A Politico article describes what each of these pundits bring to the conversation each morning, and the characterizations first indicate that each man has his own strengths and areas of expertise. Carville’s wife, Republican strategist Mary Matalin, says it’s like listening to “girl talk.” Right.

Al Hunt, Bloomberg’s Washington Bureau Chief says he talks to Carville almost daily, and of the 17-year conference call, he says:

there’s rarely more than one degree of separation between them,” – no matter any subject in the news.

There is no parallel, he said, to a group of friends who has remained so central to the daily shaping of Washington conversation as these Clinton-era comrades.

Begala hints at the truth:

Still, the line between journalism and politics is not always bright. Begala said he often can’t remember the originator of any particular insight: “We talk so much — was this my idea that James changed, or was this George’s observation that Rahm tweaked?”

I guess it would be wrong of me to assume that Carville, Begala, Stephanopoulos et al might hold back critical information gleemed from their insider, Rahm Emanuel – like something damaging to the President, or dangerous to the Nation, – something like Iran BEING nuclear, sooner rather than later?

I guess it would be wrong of me to assume that Rahm Emanuel might provide highly sensitive information to these three bastions of Liberal verbosity, information or hints that deserve no spin when they do come out – something like Iran BEING nuclear?

I guess it would be wrong of me to assume that the Gang of Four controls the news at MSNBC and ABC?