Caroline Kennedy’s Obligatory Upstate NY Tour

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It was reported at the beginning of the local news at noon that Caroline Kennedy arrived in Syracuse, NY for a meeting with Mayor Matt Driscoll. Before the half hour broadcast ended it was reported that the meeting was over and Kennedy was off to Rochester.

Upstate is New York’s red headed step child. Nobody wants anything to do with us until they want or need something. Then they make a token gesture and move along. It’s almost embarrassing. Does Ms. Kennedy believe her little trip will convince Upstaters that she gives a hoot about us? Is she kidding?

I wonder how her meeting with Mayor Driscoll went? I’ll bet it was something like this:

DRISCOLL: Wwwwelcome to Syracuse Ms. Kennedy. Would you like to stay for lunch?

KENNEDY: Sorry Mark, I don’t have time so let me get to the point. You’re a small city mayor, I’m a Kennedy. Support me in my quest for the open senate seat and I’ll be sure to remember you should you ever seek higher office. You’re term-limited aren’t you?

DRISCOLL: Let’s pose for a photo together. Can you get me an autograph from Uncle Teddy?

KENNEDY: Thanks for your time, Mark, but I have to run. I’m meeting mayor Buffy in Rochester.

One small consolation is knowing that Caroline Kennedy had to endure Upstate weather for a day.