Video – The Signs of Victory In Iraq: You Won’t See This On MSNBC

Thanks to Holger Awakens who posts the finest Iraq and Afghanistan videos. This is a glimpse inside Iraq that the MSM dare not show us.

What you see in this video is happening all over Iraq. The battle isn’t over, but the war is won. President Bush and our troops held the line against the most dangerous enemy, the Left in Congress, and while the battle isn’t over, the war is won. Unless the Obama administration pulls American troops early, Iraqis have an excellent chance to live their lives in peace and prosperity.

More importantly, America has issued a loud battle cry to Islam: Do not mess with America. Do not attempt to impose your evil on this free country. Do not come here yelling “allah akhbar.” Be warned that next time, we will not make the mistakes we made in Iraq…where we are victorious for the people, nevertheless…unless the Obama administration changes everything.