The New Battle: A Convening of Conservative Warriors

Today begins the new battle for Conservatism. There is only one place to start and that is with Republicans in Congress.

Let us not think back on the past weaknesses of our Conservative leaders. Now is the time to demand boldness from them.

Let us encourage the Republican wing of Congress to get to the microphones, write editorials, send emails, seek out Conservative radio, and take on the subtle issues that are designed to move Conservatism across the map.

 Let us know that while the Conservative voice is not strong enough to make “all the difference,” it is strong enough to make “some difference.”

Let us get to know the Committees of Congress, identify the Conservative members and stay in contact with them.

Let us know the Bills coming to Committee, have a feel for their dispensation and make our arguments directly to the Conservative Committee members.

Let us never allow our Senators and Representatives to bow to the Majority without loudly and strongly making the Conservative case. Even when we lose – let them hear from us.

 Let us know all we can about the United Nations. Let us note every word uttered about the U.N., by our President and our U.N. Ambassador. Blog about it. Watch it. Blog about it even more.

Let us be informed about Senator Obama’s Global Poverty Bill (s.2433). Let us get to know that Bill intimately. Let us determine how tying the U.N.’s Millennium Goals to that Bill can be imposed on America.

Let us have conversations with our Conservative Congressmen about s.2433.

Let us renew the cry for Drill Here, Drill Now. This issue has not been defeated with an Obama-Biden win, but there is no doubt the struggle will be long and hard. Let us not make the battle easy for Liberals.

 Let us demand that all those executives complicit in the bailout be known and punished. This must not fade away, lost in the helpless feeling that we can do nothing. We need a battle cry.

Let us not throw up our hands and wait for the next election.

Our Senators and Representatives receive a paycheck from us, and it has not been money well spent. Let us make them work for their pay, and in doing so, let us help them strengthen their voice in the hallowed halls of our Capitol.

Let us not just lie down and take it. Let us offer daily support against Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi. Let us be in IM mode.

 Finally, let us continue to seek answers to the questions we’ve been asking about Senator Obama’s background. There will be a groundswell now to put all that behind us and move forward. If there is nothing worthy to be disputed, I’ll accept that, but not until I know.

 As I write this, Fox News has a clip of last night’s rally for Obama in Grant Park. In the center of the screen is the red flag of Communism – the hammer and sickle flag is physically being help up for the camera.