Sudan Liberation Movement Supports Relations with Israel

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Leader of the Sudan Liberation Movement Abd Al-Wahed Al-Nur Supports Relations with Israel: An Israeli Embassy in Khartoum Will Serve the Interests of the Sudanese People
“People from Darfur and Sudan Have Gone to Israel – And They Are There Now, Studying, Eating Israeli Food, and Living… We Will Open an Israeli Embassy in Khartoum”

Abd Al-Wahed Al-Nur: “There are two types of normalization. There is normalization between peoples, and this has already happened. People from Darfur and Sudan have gone to Israel, and they are there now, studying, eating Israeli food, and living among them. This has already happened.

“As for political normalization, the Sudan Liberation Movement says loud and clear: If we come to power, we will open an Israeli Embassy in Khartoum and consulates next to the Palestinian Embassy and consulates, because we believe that people should resolve their problems by peaceful means. As for the war between Israel and the Palestinians, we are against the killing of civilians, whether in Israel or in Gaza…”

Interviewer: “But Israel kills Palestinians, and you accept this by your presence there.”

Abd Al-Wahed Al-Nur: “Let me finish. We are against the killing of innocent civilians – whether in Israel or the Palestinian territories. But as I previously said, we would open an Israeli Embassy because this would serve the interests of the Sudanese people in terms of politics, industry, agriculture, and investments.” […]

“I Haven’t Seen Any Israeli Who Killed a Sudanese… [But] Our Government Killed Its People by the Hundreds of Thousands”

Abd Al-Wahed Al-Nur: “Tell me, how can you compare Sudan to Israel? I haven’t seen any Israeli who killed a Sudanese, or who interfered in Sudanese affairs. In Sudan we have a saying: ‘You see an elephant, but you attack its shadow.’

Our government killed its people by the hundreds of thousands – sorry, by the millions. In the name of religion and race, it turned tens of thousands of families into refugees with its ‘Public Interest’ system, by means of the Islamic Front, and it killed people during Ramadhan. In the name of development, it drove hundreds of thousands out of their homes everywhere – and then it creates the smokescreen of hatred of Israel.

“Resolve the problems of the Sudanese people first, and then talk about Israel. Start with yourself, and stay away from the problems of others.”

With the Arrest Warrant for Al-Bashir, “The Rule Of Law Has Been Transferred From This Failing, Illegal Government To The ICC”

Interviewer: “Are you pleased about the issuing of the arrest warrant against the Sudanese president? As a Sudanese, do you feel that this is a political victory for you?”

Abd Al-Wahed Al-Nur: “First of all, this is a legal matter, and as a lawyer, I am very pleased that Al-Bashir and his government now know that the world is no longer a jungle of wild beasts, and that it will not allow them to kill their people and remain at large. The issue of the warrant is purely a legal matter. Every nation in the world has the right to protect its citizens and bring them justice.

“In Sudan, we have an outlaw government. Instead of protecting its citizens, it annihilates them. Therefore, the rule of law has been transferred from this failing, illegal government to the International Criminal Court.”

From Monkey in the Middle:

Refugees from Darfur and Sudan are fleeing their nation and finding a haven in Israel. The Egyptian government has shown not only contempt for these people, but has systematically robbed, raped and murdered them. The Western world gives lip service to the plight of these poor, unfortunate people and does nothing to help them. It is only Israel that these men, women and children have found a refuge, a safe harbor. This is the nation that the Muslim nations of the world calls the most hateful and vile nation on the planet. Yet these same Muslim nations give no aid to these fellow Muslims.

The refugees from Darfur and Sudan, living in Israel have more than just food, shelter, and clothing. They gain freedoms that they cannot and never had in their own lands. Only recently did this happen:

Teen refugees win Tel Aviv race

Two young Eritreans who fled their country only six months ago win first and second place on national 10,000 meter road race this weekend. Now they dream of representing Israel in the Olympic Games.

It was only six months ago that John Pasahi and Taspaldat Dasta, both 17-years old, fled the bloody civil war in their homeland of Eritrea, crossed through Sudan and Egypt to Sinai, and at the end of an exhausting and dangerous journey found refuge in Israel.

“I escaped from Eritrea to Sudan because of the terrible war,” recounted Pasahi, who won first place with a result of 33.47 minutes. “The journey took me several months, and after I crossed Sinai and arrived in Israel I was sent to study at the Kadoorie Youth Village in the Lower Galilee.”

Dasta, who won second place in the race with a result of 35.49 minutes, also arrived at Kadoorie after enduring the long journey from Eritrea.

The principal at the youth village, Hillel Hillman said that “when they got here they told us horrific stories of parents who disappeared in the war, of hunger, plundering and a difficult, long journey through Egypt.”

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These aren’t Jewish young men, but Muslim youths. Yet they are finding a place in the Jewish nation. And that may be the most telling of all. Israel welcoming those who will find no other place in the world from violence and death. It is the legacy of the Holocaust and a reminder to the World of its commitment to ALL refugees not just the Palestinian ones.