Blog Analyzer for Maggie’s Notebook

Wake up America posted links to two nifty blog analyzers. One analyzes the level of education needed to read a blog. Maggie’s Notebook reading level weighed in at the “genius level.”

Are you rolling on the floor laughing??? Actually, I have always considered my readers to be genuises.

blog readability test

The second analyzes the gender of the writer(s) – “Man or woman – who is writing that blog?”

We have strong indicators that is written by a man (93%).

This is wrong, of course, for Maggie’s Notebook, but GenderAnalyzer says they are correct 53% of the time out of approximately 12,000 analyzations.

This is a fun exercise. I encourage you to visit The Blog Readability Test and the GenderAnalyzer. If you are not a blogger, just enter the url for your favorite sites.

Thanks also to TalkLeft