Ayers – Death and Destruction: "A Joke About Distribution of Wealth

The media, just days out from the most historic election of our time, continues to deny Barack Obama’s close ties to Weather Undergrounder, Bill Ayers . When they can’t deny it, they discount it. How many times have you heard on the major networks, or on cable for that matter, that Obama and Ayers SHARED an office for three years? Chances are you haven’t heard it all. If you missed the truth read it here.

Obama and Ayers were very close. They shared offices, political views, and their visions for eduction – including the administration of millions of misused dollars.

Our associations…how we spend our time with our associations, matter – just as words matter.

In a New York Times interview with William Ayers, “No Regrets for a Love of Explosives; “…a Memoir of Sorts, the intellectually prolific William Ayers says:

Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents, that’s where it’s really at…

In this 2001 article, he flirts with the issue of truth. Did he really say “kill your parents”…”kill all the rich people?” Maybe it’s true, or it may not be true – he can’t decide, BUT in the same interview, speaking of the quote above, he says this about it:

It was a joke about the distribution of wealth.’

Death to family, destruction of life and property, it is all about the distribution of wealth.

William Ayers helped shape Barack Obama. When Obama’s career got its kick-start, it happened side-by-side with William Ayers. They conspired to funnel millions of dollars to far-left causes, including funding ethnic studies which denied the celebration as this Nation’s Independence Day, instead recognizing Juneteenth. Math and science projects were refused funds.

Of Ayers’ vision for education, The Wall Street Journal put it this way:

…he views his education work as an effort to stoke resistance to an oppressive American system

Barack Obama help Ayers with this agenda, and they, together, failed miserably to serve the children of Chicago’s public schools.

He will fail our country miserably, as well.

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