Video: Biden Lets It All Hang Out

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No wonder Joe Biden is being kept under wraps in a news black out…

Barbara West with Joe Biden 10/23/08 WFTV

Video below. With a HT to mm, word comes out that the Czarbie [Obama] Campaign whined that the Barbara West interview was “not nice” and canceled an interview with Jill Biden. I suppose that anything contrary to the Marxist Campaign of Czarbie and clan is to be silenced. After all, the Truth certainly cannot be made known.

As one can see from viewing the video, when trying to refute any allegations the Leftinistra always admit to them in their vain attempt to refute. Pathetic.

Why did Barack Obama’s campaign cancel a WFTV-Channel 9 interview with Jill Biden, wife of Sen. Joe Biden? The campaign cited “an unprofessional interview” WFTV’s Barbara West did Thursday with Joe Biden. In a statement Friday, Adrianne Marsh, Florida spokeswoman for Obama’s campaign, said the station, in talking with Sen. Biden, was “both combative and woefully uninformed about simple facts.” Marsh said West’s insistence that Obama was an organizer for ACORN was “100 percent false.” “In a line of questioning that would make Rush Limbaugh proud, West even went as far as to quote Karl Marx, a Communist icon, in a disturbing attempt to associate Barack Obama with socialism,” Marsh wrote. West said, “I think I asked him some pointed questions. . . . I don’t think I was rude or inconsiderate to him.”

We all know that Obama is directly involved with ACORN and that his Campaign did in fact send them $800K+ to assist in their efforts to “get out the vote”. We also know that Czarbie told ACORN and other groups that they would be invited to participate in the development of his Administration. That makes Joe Biden a LIAR, does it not?

Joe Biden asked the question, “You’re kidding. Is this a real question?” He then proceeded to lie. Imagine that? When the American People want to know the Truth, Biden and Obama lie.

I thought they were espousing Hope and Change and here they are doing what a good socialist does in order to win…lie, cheat and steal.

UPDATE – HT Breitbart

Obama Campaign Cuts Off TV Station After Anchor Asks Biden About Marxism