That Caller on Rush Today: Thought Nothing Could Surprise Me, but…

A caller on Rush Limbaugh today identified herself as an attorney who volunteered as a legal professional for G. W. Bush during the Bush-Kerry election.

Her job, along with others, was to monitor happenings at the polls: Were there any problems voting, or problems with the voting apparatus, etc.

Here’s what she says happens behind the scenes:

1) When voters do not show up to vote, the poll workers “vote” the vote, In otherwords, they cast the vote for those who do not show up.

2) The list of absentee voters often doesn’t make it to the polling venue. If a poll worker cannot check a voter against the absentee list, then it’s possible for a voter to vote twice.

3) is present both outside and inside the polling area. They are busy intimidating anyone working for the Republican side – and especially Republican females.

With no way to confirm that any of this is true, I can see it being true in some of the extremely partisan polling areas, but suffice it to say, Nos. 1 and 2 are terrible!

We all probably think it cannot happen at our polling place, but…can it?

Is it possible we are losing elections, not just Presidential but Congressional as well, through poll workers casting a vote for no-shows?

Is this as shocking to you as it to me?