Michelle Obama and African Press Update

Many of you are familiar with Jeff Schreiber’s site, America’s Right. Jeff has closely followed Philip Berg’s lawsuit challenging Barack Obama’s citizenship.

It appears that Jeff has been corresponding with Jerome Corsi, a WorldNetDaily Senior Staff Reporter, and author of The Obama Nation. You may recall that Dr. Corsi was recently arrested and held in Kenya while investigating Barack Obama’s relationship with Kenya’s Prime Minister, Raila Odinga. That, of course, is another story.

Here’s the update. Corsi has been in touch with African Press International (API) regarding the validity of an article API posted online quoting Michelle Obama. Depending on your point-of-view, the alleged quotes by Michelle Obama were not the kind of rhetoric you would expect from a soon-to-be-maybe, First Lady.

The shorter story is that API, in the emails below, is telling Jerome Corsi that they will post audio of the telephone conversation online within the next few days.

There’s more to this, including Corsi’s emails to API and Jeff Schrieber’s conversation with Corsi, not to mention everything available about Berg v. Obama. Please visit America’s Right.


Email No. 1
From: African Press International (API)
Subject: Re: J.Corsi on Michelle Obama story
To: [Address Blocked]
Date: Wednesday, October 15, 2008, 11:53 AM

I want to thank you for your email.

API hereby confirms to you that the story is true and if the huge interest on this particular story continues, we will post the recording on our website in the next immediate days.

When we published the story we did not intend to cause any chaos but we are shocked by the huge interest the story is receiving from the Americans and the American Media.

Mrs Obama called us just to ask API to stop joining the mainstream hate online media that is trying to destroy her husband’s opportunity to get the presidency.

Our editorial will sit today and agree on how to release the information that will verify the story.

Very many media outlets are asking us to email them the recording but we think the best way to satisfy all at once is by publishing it on our website and people can retrieve it themselves.

We understand the urgency this may have but it is important for us that we do it right so that we do not land into problems with Obama’s just like you did while in Kenyan recently.

Yours Sincerely,

Chief Editor Korikr

Email No. 2
From: African Press International (API)
Subject: Re: J.Corsi on Michelle Obama story
To: [Address Blocked]
Date: Wednesday, October 15, 2008, 12:57 PM

To Jerome Corsi,

We do not want to be misunderstood. We are not out to stop Obama from capturing the presidency.

We are not here to prove to people the story, but we will give proper verification so that people will understand that the story is true.

Soon, when we come with more information on the site, those who doubt the story will be surprised why Mrs Obama would choose to talk to us and not other media outlets.

We will bring out information on how she was connected to us, how she was convinced her story was safe with us and why she trusted API. And who introduced her to those who contacted API first before she personally took contact in an effort to ensure that API does not publish things on her husband that may be seen to be harmfull.

If we start dishing out audio to media outlets, we will be misunderstood. We do not want people to think that we published the story in order to spoil Obama’s chances to become the president.

Those who are contacting you demanding that the story should be verified now, should be directed by your media to check our website in the next day or two. All the information will be made available, but we must do it carefully.


Chief Editor Korir

End API emails

As I said in an earlier post, this whole thing is, indeed, odd. It would be odd for Michelle Obama to make a phone call like this. It’s also odd that only the campaign is denying this, and not Michelle Obama. I don’t where the truth lies.

I do know, however, that the Obama’s make it very difficult to know anything for certain, about them, including the status of his citizenship.