Kenyan Genocide Grabbing News and Accusations

Barack Obama and Raila Odinga

Before you run-away to read at Fox News, watch this video: Background for the real story
The Washington Times puts the Obama-Odinga relationship in perspective.


Fox News says a “leaked” report alleges 219 Kenyan officials were culpabable for “inciting post-election violence.”

The ethnic strife took one of Africa’s most-developed countries by surprise in January and February of this year, as roving gangs armed with machetes and clubs fought riot police and set fire to churches, homes and businesses.

After the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) candidate, Raila Odinga, lost the Kenyan Presidential election, extreme ethnic violence broke out and thousands were murdered and seriously injured. Odinga has been accused of flaming the fires of the angry mobs, however, this report does not name Raila Odinga as a perpetrator – but 219 of his party were. Odinga, with the help of former U.N. head, Koffi Annan, was subsequently named Prime Minister of Kenya.

Barack Obama’s relationship with Raila Odinga has been highly criticized. Senator Obama campaigned in Kenya for, and with, Odinga. Odinga and Obama’s fathers were close friends and were involved in numerous political adventures.

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