Did Axelrod Say Joe the Plumber Will Get Hosed?


Axelrod said just the opposite – McCain would “hose” Joe the Plumber, not the other way around.

We know McCain won’t be the “hoser.” Senator Obama clearly and baldly lied to the people in the debate – unless he conveniently FORGOT that Joe’s business-to-be, according to Joe, is expected to make $250,000.00-$280,000.00 per year. Follow the link below for the full story.

My thanks to AF Ticker at Jus’ Sayin’ for finding the link and clarifying.


Did anyone else hear Major Garrett after tonight’s debate, with Brit Hume, I think? I heard Garrett say that David Axelrod said, Joe the Plumber will get hosed [under Obama’s tax plan] – and further that the Obama campaign saw Obama’s comment tonight as a gaffe. (everything here is paraphrased.)

Axelrod is the Chief Strategist for the Obama campaign.

Read Obama’s debate comment about Joe’s tax hike here.