Dammit America! What the Hell Are You Doing To Us?

Despite Sarah Palin’s stunning performance in the VP Debates, despite that fleeting sense of optimism and the re-energizing of the Republican base, the Obama train is barely delayed on its seemingly inevitable rush to the White House.
Despite these growing concerns of Barack Obama’s dubious history:
Still More Questionable Obama Associations
From Susan DuclosWake Up America
Friday, October 03, 2008

Rezko, Wright, Ayers, Meeks, Pfleger, ACORN….the lists go on and on and on and today reports show their is another person associated with Barack Obama who is now under investigation.

The FBI is investigating a former Illinois state senator who is a poker-playing buddy of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama. According to Chicago authorities, the FBI visited the offices in Joliet, Ill., of a Will County auditor to ask questions about Larry Walsh, a longtime friend of Mr. Obama’s, and his chief of staff Matt Ryan. Mr. Walsh, who served in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2005, was endorsed by Mr. Obama in his county executive election bid.

With the support of some of Mr. Obama’s U.S. Senate volunteers, he easily defeated incumbent Republican Joseph Mikan. Will County auditor Steve Weber confirmed that his office had been asked by the FBI to assist in an investigation, but he did not elaborate on the specifics.Two FBI agents out of Chicago reportedly spent more than an hour in the Will County offices on Wednesday morning.

Exactly how connected is Barack Obama with Larry Walsh and Will County? Glad you asked!!!

Commentary has more information garnered from answer center, Barack Obama, under the header of “What earmarks has Senator Obama requested for fiscal years 2006 and 2007?”

And Barack Obama? Well he sure got a lot of earmarks in there for Will County, although we do not know whether these are the immediate concern of or related in any way to the investigation. In Obama’s earmark disclosure you will find:

In 2006, Obama requested that Will County receive $1.3 million to support its Flood Studies for Unincorporated Will County.

In 2006, Obama requested $800,000 for the Will County Sheriff’s Office Wireless Communications Technology Upgrades.

In 2006, Obama requested $1,953,331 for Will County’s Ridgewood Water and Sewage Project.

In 2005, Obama requested $2 million for the Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois, to establish a Center for Academic and Community Learning, which is designed to address the significant educational needs of the less advantaged in the Will County region by providing academic assistance not only for students on campus but also for residents of the surrounding communities.

Another reference appears to relate to the Will County Health Department’s mental health program which I am informed got another $1.95 million. A little more history brought to you by Sun Times, South Town Star.

Exactly how many of these associations are going to be exposed, just to see the mainstream media deliberately try to ignore the amount of criminal and questionable characters that are friends and associates of Barack Obama?

Despite all of these damning revelations:
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Despite all of the accumulating danger signals: Obama’s Endorsements From Our Enemies

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And despite all of the logical projections of how an Obama presidency would almost certainly destroy America: Elect Obama, Destroy America the Obama train rolls on.

Don’t you see? None of it matters. The jury has already made up its mind, they have already determined the verdict. They are burning with the hot flame of passionate righteousness. They are going to send a great message to the world. They are going to change the way this world sees us. They are going to embrace this new vision of America. An America no longer intolerant and racist, a less selfish America, more aware of the concerns of the world around us. An America contrite and humbled. This is their glowing vision of change. And nothing we can do or say will alter their fateful course. No arguments, no matter how convincing or logical, no accumulation of damaging evidence will sway them. America will, it seems, be inevitably diminished, and the world applauds. All of our impassioned entreaties have fallen on deaf ears.

Am I becoming a defeatist? I don’t even know anymore. I am becoming numb and resigned to our fate, to our loss, to our demise. I am dumbfounded and I am angry.

Dammit America! What the hell are you doing to us?