Choose Your Own Day Care – Don’t Let the Government Do It for You

I recently posted on Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s plan to educate all children from age zero to five. Unless you are a parent looking for a perpetual baby-sitter, this is a frightening thought… that your child, in its infancy, will spend all it’s waking hours with someone other than you – make that someone the Government has chosen for you.

One of Maggie’s Notebook readers, BobF, left this comment, which should give us ALL, Democrat or Republican, pause for thought.

Think about this?

The men who started the industrial revolution and built the United States into the greatest nation on earth didn’t have any preschool. The men who designed the Apollo Spacecraft that took men to the moon and back, safely, didn’t have preschool. The men who designed our computers, televisions, telephones, and microwave oven didn’t have any preschool. Fourth years ago preschool wasn’t ever heard of.

Those men most likely played with their brothers and sisters while they were very young. As they grew they probably played sandlot football, baseball, and basketball as there were only a couple channels on TV on which mom watched Soap Operas. They probably pulled pranks on Halloween and skipped school once in a while.

They probably had jobs after school and during vacation. They most likely pulled weeks, cut grass, shoveled snow, carried groceries, and watched younger siblings.

The all had either BB guns or slingshots in which to shoot birds, frogs, rabbits, and anything else that caught their fancy…occasionally a neighbor’s window.

They didn’t need any government programs to get ahead. They hated school but studied because getting poor graces meant facing the wrath of mom and dad. They feared PTA meetings because mom always went and if she came home with a bad report, it was the belt, or in my case, the wooden spoon.

They were allowed to be kids and enjoy their childhood.

Then something happened. The government got too involved in education.

If you are a voter believing that Obama’s Pre-Pre-Kindergarten will fit well into your life, and free-you-up from awesome and burdensom responsibilities, think again. You are the well for which your child thirsts. Even if you need childcare for your infant, choose your own – don’t let the Government do it for you.

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