A Pre- Election Message to my Readers

I just made the mistake of deleting an objectionable comment. It was I believe from a certain “Larry”. Larry it seems was very upset with me for continuing to write about the Berg v. Obama suit. Berg, according to our commenter Larry is a “Truther”, by which I assume he means a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. He was so upset over my wasting my time — all of our time — covering this worthless story that he let me know that he was taking me off his Daily Read List. Immediately after receiving this crushing admonishment I received the url from Susan Duclos on her breaking story of a similar major suit being brought against the State of Washington for essentially the same reasons: allegedly allowing a unqualified candidate to run for President of the United States.
So there you have it. Even more people are now it appears wasting their valuable time over this non-issue. What are we to make of these wildly divergent opinions on the merits of this case? It certainly isn’t going away, is it? In fact, despite the most valiant efforts of the naysayers to discredit it and dismiss it, it seems to be growing more formidable every day. I wonder why? I wonder why Mr. Obama would put himself and all of us through this long torturous ordeal when all he has to do is produce a simple document to make it, and us, all go away?
So, to all those disgruntled Larry’s out there who are writing in to tell us how we are wasting our time on useless causes I will say this. For me, and many others like myself, the Berg story is extremely important. I don’t care if he believes in the Easter Bunny or the Tooth fairy, if he or his case can hurt Obama’s chances of ever getting hold of the reins of power to this vulnerable nation of ours I say go for it and go for it big. And don’t let up for an instant. Yes, Berg is important and Acorn is important and Ayers is important and Dorhn is important and Rezko is important, and anyone anywhere out there who can help us to discredit this abomination of a candidate is important. These are the only weapons we have at our disposal. We are almost hopelessly outnumbered by delusional fools and a hopelessly biased media. We must use whatever we have at hand and hope that something sticks, something that could actually bring this evil Socialistic charlatan down . Something to make certain that he and his hate-spewing wife never ever set foot in the White House.
Between now and November 4 I will relentlessly pursue any scandal or whiff of scandal with all of my energy. I will beat the public over their heads with every new and old scandal that comes out of the woodwork until they see the light of the truth, or until I am arrested.
You say you’re dismayed because I made common cause with someone of whom you do not approve. Well, my eager critic, know that I would eagerly make common cause with far worse than the controversial Atty Berg if I thought it would help to bring Barack Obama down.
How dare you presume to judge me. I have worked 13-14 hours a day, 7 days a week for months now just for this one single cause — to defeat Barack Hussein Obama, and I have no intentions of slowing down. Not even if you take me off your Daily Read List.
All we can do at this point is put it all out there, all of the outrageous crimes and scandals and hope beyond hope that one of them, just one of them sticks, and that he is destroyed. For there is no other way, no other course. It’s either him or us. Either Obama or America. Despair or hope. So either help us or get the hell out of the way. – rg