7 October 2008: Latest Update

7 October 2008: Latest Updates

Update No.5 – 4 Oct: Is Northeast Intelligence Network backing off the specificity of their initial warning? This is the latest update from NIN on their 7 October warning. Radarsite has highlighted the pertinent text in bold red. It is perhaps ironic that the first qualification (or semi-rebuttal?) of this alarming article that Radarsite has received should come from the original source itself. Are they beginning to question their own sources? Or are they merely presenting us with additional information? As promised, Radarsite will continue to post all updates. Especially those updates that legitimately bring into question the credibility of the original NIN article. Radarsite recommends reading this latest release from NIN and deciding for yourselves what its significance truly is.
Here is the first segment of their latest report:

“All things considered, it would be wise for law enforcement to start putting their feelers out, tap their street resources and listen for any hints of this type activity.”
By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst
3 October 2008: We received quite a bit of response recently as we have shared some of the chatter on the al Qaeda Arabic Internet forums. It’s been difficult because many of the typical venues of communication have been shut down by the people that operate these forums and chat rooms. A recent communiqué and has bugged me since the beginning. It was the report where the person mentioned the first Tuesday after Ramadan as a possible date for terrorist attacks in the United States and abroad, against US interests [Report HERE]. What was significant about that Tuesday? After doing some research the significance wasn’t the day, it is the date. Tuesday October 7, 2008 isn’t significant as to 2008 but October 7 is significant as it is the date back in 2001 when the US and UK attacked Afghanistan. I will state this quite openly. Over the years there has been many dates speculated as a possible date for al Qaeda to unleash attacks in the North American continent and abroad. I wouldn’t put any more thought into Tuesday after Ramadan than I would any number of dates. I only mention this date because of the communiqué and the fact that it was a significant event date in the War On Terror.

Read the entire NIN update here.
It is also important to note that to the best of our knowledge none of the ancillary information (bold red list below) has changed. For example: http://www.armytimes.com/news/2008/09/army_homeland_090708w/

Update No. 4 – 3 Oct: How credible is our source?
Northeast Intelligence Network is run by terrorism specialist Douglas Hagmann. Radarsite has established that Mr. Hagmann and NIN have been extensively quoted as reliable sources by many well-known and respected anti-terrorist websites, most notably perhaps by famed terrorism expert and author Daniel Pipes.
Mr. Hagman has also had the dubious distinction of having a fatwa issued against him by American/Muslim furqa settlements Director and terrorist suspect Sheikh Mubarik Ali Hasmi Shah Gilani for his investigation into New York State’s controversial “Islamberg“. Gilani, you may recall was the Sheikh Daniel Pearl was on his way to meet when he was kidnapped. Here is one portion of Sheikh Gilani’s attack. Note the bizarre accounts of American history.

“In this regard I am going to prove that Douglas J. Hagman and his group are the actual perpetrators of international terrorism, and racial and religious bigotry and their ceaseless campaign of hate, is more damaging to the U.S. than any other country.
The U.S. has become a pawn of hidden hands that use America’s wealth and the innocent blood of their sons and daughters to wage their wars against Muslims.
In World War II, observe how they managed to lure the U.S. into the war by concealing the Japanese secret code. This gave the green light to the Japanese to invade the U.S. at Pearl Harbor. This played an integral role in swaying public opinion towards opposing Hitler, eventually pushing the U.S. into the war.
It is obvious that Mr. Hagman is employed by those whose aim is to focus on creating hatred between Muslims and Christians in America. ” http://www.islamberg.org/

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There have been no new updates posted to NIN. – rg
Update No.3 – 2 Oct: A note to my readers: I will continue posting all of your comments to these latest updates, no matter which particular 7 October article you post them to. The comments and the emails are still coming in and as they do I post them. So for those of you who are following these developments, it’s probably a good idea to check back in for new comments throughout these next few days. I will continue the practice of posting particularly pertinent or informative comments to the bold red list. Keeping these various updates, emails, comments and articles all linked together has proven to be a real challenge. But it’s certainly worth the effort. I thank you for your patience. – rg
Update No.2 – 1 Oct: As you can see, we have had many interesting and relevant comments since yesterday’s update. Rather than reposting all of these new comments to this list, I am leaving them in the comments section. I am however adding Lady Cincinnatus‘ comment to the list because I feel this is important new information.
Once again, the most disturbing comments are the ones which have not yet come in — those authoritative comments that would negate the credibility of these reports. Unfortunately, as of this moment we have received no such comments or emails. If we do I will of course post them immediately. Until then however I think we have little choice but to treat these warnings as still credible. One major difference of course between these warnings and previous warnings is the specificity involved: we do not have to wait weeks, or even months, to see if it is actually credible: we’re talking about next Tuesday.
No one will be any more relieved and happy if next Tuesday and the following days pass by uneventfully than I will. Until that time however I will continue posting these daily updates. – rg

Update No.1 :Radarsite will keep this page open and bumped to the top of the articles until 8 October 2008. I will be posting any new information I receive from either reader’s comments or relevant emails. This new information will be posted in bold red. It is my hope that in this way Radarsite can become something of a clearing house for this important information. If any of you have any pertinent and substantiated info regarding this subject please send it and if credible I will post it to this article. Unfortunately, so far no one has written in to discredit either the previous articles or the validity of our source, so until that happens, I will continue to treat this information from NIN as credible. – rg
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