Hubris Revealed: ABCs Charlie Gibson Sarah Palin Interview

A note from Radarsite: It is a rare event that will bring me to watch MSM these days. Tonight’s Charlie Gibson interview with Gov. Sarah Palin was one of these exceptions. And I am still trying to get the bad taste out of my mouth. If I ever doubted my reasons for refusing to watch the Big Three MSM networks, tonight’s stain on the face of objective journalism did more than enough to confirm it.
There was indeed great hubris revealed during this first interview. But not the hubris of Sarah Palin’s response that she did feel comfortable about her qualifications for the job of Vice President — or, if necessary the President of the United States. No, the disgusting and embarrassing display of hubris came from the condescending and arrogant demeanor of CG. If anyone still doubts that there really is media bias rampant in our MSM, just watch this interview with an objective view.
Was this a true, unbiased interview, or just another hatchet job? Just another attempt to discredit the most dangerous new player in the game, and Obama’s biggest threat? Throughout this entire ludicrous spectacle, as the unflappable Gov. Palin responded with dignified politeness to each and every attempt to trip her up, my blood boiled, and I swore to myself: Never again! Never again would I allow the stench of liberal hypocrisy and leftist MSM propaganda into my living room. It just takes too long to get rid of the odor.
Immediately following the first segment of this one way interrogation, ABC moved on to cover the rest of the important news of the day; and with a barely suppressed ‘I-told-you-so’ hubris, enthusiastically reported yet another American soldier’s death in the bloody war in Afghanistan.
These are the battle lines which have been drawn so clearly now, between our leftist antiwar Bush-hating MSM and our shining hope for the future. Could our choices be any clearer?
Go Sarah, go!