Dems or ? Leak Palin SS No. – What’s Behind it?

On September 2, Jonathan Garthwaite for broke the news that Sarah Palin’s social security number had been leaked. This contemptible disclosure, and the alleged receiving of it, by Obama ’08 is just another “low” by the Left. Remember when Senator Chuck Schumer’s staffers disclosed Maryland Governor Michael Steele’s ss i.d.? Steele is a Republican, of course.

Here are a few details that I tracked:

A 63-page “research paper” was prepared by Governor Palin’s 2006 political opponent, Tony Knowles.

Knowles, originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma and a Frat brother of President G. W. Bush, appears to have prepared the tell-every-single-move-Sarah-Palin-has-ever-made report for his own campaign in 2006.

The report made it to the keyboards of the

Garthwaite made the comment that “a key Obama consultant, Anita Dunn, worked on Knowles’ campaign.” If true, I thought it particularly egregious that a top Obama strategist would accept anything with Palin’s social security number in it.

Dunn is referred to as an “Obama spokeswoman,” an “Obama strategist,” a communication specialist,” and an “Obama senior advisor.” She is either a co-owner of, or employee of Squier Knapp Dunn Communications. She worked on the Presidential campaigns of Evan Bayh, and Bill Bradley, and advised Tom Dashchle.

I cannot find a connection to her and the failed 2006 Knowles campaign against Palin, other than her financial contributions to Knowles (although she may well have been a campaign activist and my sleuthing has not been productive).

Palin’s social security number appeared, minus the last four digits, in Knowles’ pdf report. I’m reading comments that it is not unusual to disclose the first five digits of a person’s social security number – that it is done routinely…not in my experience. In fact, my cable company requires the last four digits of my ss number (never the entire number). I’m sure they are not the only company with this policy, and if the last four digits are out there, and first five digits are there, well….

We can expect attacks against Sarah Palin to come from this report – especially issues concerning hot buttons like taxes and finance.

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