Democratic Trash: The Story That Just Won’t Go Away

Democratic Trash: The Story That Just Won’t Go Away

A note from Radarsite: This is fascinating. As happened before with the Hillary Forum, Radarsite started getting an inordinate amount of hits from an Obama camp website. So we looked into it. If anyone is interested in the differences between the Clinton Dems and the Obama Camp just read these comments, lifted directly from Democratic Underground and compare them with the Clinton Dems responses from The Hillary Clinton Forum reported here in an earlier Radarsite article. Whereas the general consensus from the comments thread at the Hillary Forum was one of surprisingly sincere regret and honest acceptance of responsibility for what had become a major political gaff, the Obama people are merely angry and defensive. Very angry and very defensive. Almost immediately the conspiracy theorists got to work. No acceptance of responsibility whatsoever. Just angry backlashes at everyone but themselves.
Till now, I must confess, I hadn’t really appreciated the differences between these two Democratic factions. But I certainly do now. As much as I disagree with their candidate’s vision of America and where they would want to bring this country, the Hillary Dems seem to have exhibited a strong sense of sincerity and humanity. They have stepped up to the plate and accepted responsibility for what has turned out to be a major strategic blunder — even though it was more the responsibility of the Obama Camp to control the images that came out of that Obama Celebration.
And how do the Obama people react to their own revealing anti-patriotic blunders? They react with viciousness and anger. They call on their attack dogs to do their work. Cynical, manipulative, their only concern is in discrediting the source. No responsibility. No embarrassment. No concern for how their obvious disregard for patriotism may look to the average American.
To me, this whole episode has been an education. This is what an Obama Presidency would offer. A Democratic redux of the Nixon years, with all of that petty hatred and viciousness, and with a whole new Enemies’ List. This, my friends, is a clear and unadulterated view of the Obama Camp, and it is both enlightening and disgusting. Read their comments and decide for yourselves. We have deleted the commenters identities. – rg


From the Democratic Underground


“We need to press the meme that the McCain campaign STOLE the flags.”

Here’s the article from Puke News:
John McCain’s campaign prepared to accuse Democrats on Saturday of leaving behind 12,000 miniature American flags after Barack Obama’s nomination acceptance speech last Thursday in Denver.Boy Scouts have arrived with 84 trash bags full of bundles of flags at the site of a McCain rally scheduled to begin at 12:30 p.m. local time in Colorado Springs.The campaign says the flags were recovered from Invesco Field after the Democrats concluded their convention there, and they are going to be used as part of the warm-up ceremonies before McCain takes the stage for the rally.FOX News has been told a vendor at Invesco Field found the flags, which were going to be thrown out, and turned them over to the McCain campaign.Notice anything strange here?
12,000 miniature American flags
84 trash bags full of bundles of flags
a vendor at Invesco Field found the flagsThese flags were meant to go somehwere–and not to some dumpster. Did this “vendor” steal them for political purposes

So, its up to the vendor to distribute and clean up? Then that is his job..
Sep-06-08 02:30 PM
Ah, but here’s the catch…
Sep-06-08 02:32 PM
McCain is running soooo low on funds, they have to steal American Flags from Obama?
Sep-06-08 02:35 PM
Could be, and if they were intended for the trash, why spend all of the time rolling them up!!
Sep-06-08 02:46 PM
utter crap
Sep-06-08 02:32 PM
Repukes cannot differentiate between symbolic and real …. delusional nt
Sep-06-08 02:51 PM
Any meaningless issue will do for them, as long as it distracts from real issues. They need to be
Sep-06-08 02:32 PM
Sep-06-08 02:32 PM
Sep-06-08 02:37 PM
THey were neatly rolled up and stacked in the bags.
Sep-06-08 02:32 PM
And here they are…
Sep-06-08 02:36 PM
Look STOLEN to me
Sep-06-08 02:39 PM
That can’t be right! Those are NOT miniature flags! n/t
Sep-06-08 02:45 PM
Actually, it looks like a manufactured prop, if you ask me.
Sep-06-08 02:47 PM
Do those look like the same size flags as at the DNC?
Sep-06-08 02:58 PM
You’re right…
Sep-06-08 03:01 PM
Why else? To smear Democratic conventioneers. n/t
Sep-06-08 03:03 PM
Yeah, and look at the booth to the left at the top…
Sep-06-08 03:20 PM
Jesus Christ.
Sep-06-08 02:37 PM
Because we all know they wouldn’t use this against us…
Sep-06-08 02:39 PM
My point is; so fucking what!
Sep-06-08 02:42 PM
Look, I agree, it SHOULD be about the issues…
Sep-06-08 02:48 PM
Because, as has been pointed out thousands of times,
Sep-06-08 03:16 PM
You’re absolutely right
Sep-06-08 02:55 PM
If the flags were neatly rolled in bags, maybe they were stolen. nt

Sep-06-08 02:37 PM
This story should be sent to KO’s people to debunk.
Sep-06-08 02:39 PM
Sounds like theft
Sep-06-08 02:41 PM
I smell operatives…

Sep-06-08 02:42 PM
are you one of them?
Sep-06-08 02:45 PM
Go back and read some of my stuff…
Sep-06-08 02:50 PM
ok well this is a stupid story
Sep-06-08 02:55 PM
Sep-06-08 03:06 PM
My take on this
Sep-06-08 02:42 PM
this stuff works and repubs would rather win that be nice so they do it nt
Sep-06-08 02:44 PM
Sep-06-08 02:44 PM
Patriotism doesn’t come in a fucking trash bag.
Sep-06-08 02:46 PM
“since when is how you treat the FLAG more important than how you treat the AMERICAN PEOPLE?”
Sep-06-08 02:46 PM
I checked to see how small flags are packed.
Sep-06-08 02:43 PM
new thread: the pukes owe us 15, 120 for stealing our flags!
Sep-06-08 02:46 PM
CNN said the DNC says the flag story is a lie.

Sep-06-08 02:45 PM
sounds like the kind of tricks Rove used to do
Sep-06-08 02:46 PM
DNC announced ahead of time that they were pushing recycling
Sep-06-8 02:46 PM
new question for pukes: why do you hate recycling? nt
Sep-06-08 02:47 PM
Sep-06-08 02:47 PM
I just thought of something else
Sep-06-08 02:48 PM
#32 is pushing this crap too nt
Sep-06-08 02:49 PM
They’ve been talking about it since Aug 30
Sep-06-08 02:50 PM
Welcome to DU!
Sep-06-08 02:52 PM
You left of the “ng”.
Sep-06-08 02:54 PM
Sep-06-08 02:56 PM
That site appears to have a racist bent… n/t
Sep-06-08 02:54 PM
I didn’t go to it..
Sep-06-08 03:05 PM
I like to check people like our dear Lemmi’s sources.
Sep-06-08 03:09 PM
Sep-06-08 03:17 PM
found on radarsite: “stop the ACLU”
Sep-06-08 03:15 PM
Sep-06-08 02:51 PM
CNN reported that the DNC planned to ship the flags for use at other events.
Sep-06-08 02:55 PM
So then they were stolen. n/t
Sep-06-08 02:57 PM
And they should also say they were lifted by dirty tricksters
Sep-06-08 02:58 PM
Let’s remember Fox had a booth there too..
Sep-06-08 03:19 PM
So they were stolen?
Sep-06-08 03:01 PM
I knew it
Sep-06-08 03:01 PM
I’m surprised that they aren’t claiming some fetuses were thrown out with the…
Sep-06-08 03:01 PM
they want to talk trash bags?
Sep-06-08 03:01 PM
Classic GOP Ratfuck.
Sep-06-08 03:03 PM
That was very well done and a great read.
Sep-06-08 03:11 PM
Thank you very much. It’s important we educate the younger folks…

Sep-06-08 03:13 PM
Maybe from the set? Which means they were packed to be shipped
Sep-06-08 03:10 PM
We need to press the meme that the McCain campaign STOLE the flags. n/t
Sep-06-08 03:14 PM
Sep-06-08 03:16 PM
yesh! they got us!?
Sep-06-08 03:18 PM
The DNC should report the flags as “stolen property”…
Sep-06-08 03:22 PM
Thought about that…
Sep-06-08 03:26 PM
I Knew This Had the Smell of “Democrats Trashed the White House” When Clinton Moved Out
Sep-06-08 03:24 PM
1. So, its up to the vendor to distribute and clean up? Then that is his job..
So, why did the vendor throw them in the trash? Is he the Un-American one?