The Somali’s Only Documented Act of Assimilation – Voting

Tyson Foods’ cancellation of the Labor Day holiday for their employees in Tennessee – instead giving them a Muslim holiday – want it or not – on the day decreed by Islam, was the final nail for me.

A reader and great blogger Holger Awakens left the following story on one of my comment threads. Think about the significance of Holger’s last paragraph:

Many, many years ago, the State of Minnesota led the nation in extending an invitation to the people of South Vietnam to come to Minnesota and start a new life – much of that was coordinated by the churches in Minnesota. These Vietnamese refugees came to Minnesota and after a few growing pains, assimilated into American and Minnesota society and have been a truly miraculous contributing segment of society.

The same experiment was tried with Somalis coming to Minnesota, yet now after several years, the muslims of Somalia in Minnesota continue to fight assimilation and instead demand conforming to THEIR way of life. They have brought crime and divisiveness to Minnesota where the Vietnamese brought an ethic of hard work and honor.

P.S. the one documented act of assimilation into Minnesota society by the Somalis was in 2006 when they massed at the voting precincts in Minneapolis to cast their votes. And who did they help elect? The mouthpiece for the Nation of Islam, Keith Ellison.

In a previous post, Tyson Foods Brings Latent Tuberculosis to Emporia, KS, I asked how hundreds of sick Somalis were allowed into the United States under the guise of working for Tyson Foods.

I don’t have the answer but the problem is far more convoluted than presented by the author of a Topeka Capital-Journal piece, who viewed a huge influx of Somali “humanitarian refugees” as “exotic.”

H/T to reader Bob for providing this link: On December 9, 2007 Tom Squitieri writing for NewsMax reported the death of a Somalia man inside the Emporia, KS Tyson plant in January 2007. After that death from tuberculosis, health officials reported 160 cases of latent TB among the “humanitarian refugees.”

Again, here’s the question? How did they make it into the U.S.? The Center for Disease Control says visas will not be issued to diseased individuals unless the Attorney General requests waives inadmissibility on health related issues. Is the U.S. Attorney General. I would assume so. Who requested that these men be allowed into the U.S.? It must be Tyson Foods, and why would that request be granted?

The Emporia, KS debacle is but a tip of the iceberg. From Newsmax:

Local officials say the case represents only a small part of the growing problem of foreign-born, unassimilated communities with high rates of communicable diseases such as TB and HIV. Many say they need help from Washington, which has been silent on the issue for too long.

We have not really gotten Congress to engage, which I would like to see occur, Peggy Mast, an 11-year Republican state representative from Kansas whose district includes Emporia, tells Newsmax. I have talked with some of the offices and they think it is more of a state issue . . .

Well, I assume it was not THE STATE that admitted these refugees to the U.S. in the first place. Oh, there’s so much to say about this one, but I’ll skip my rant for now, because there is more:

Take a look at this:

The U.S. government has agreed to resettle more than 12,000 Somalis who fled their war-torn country in the past decade. Many have been living in refugee camps in Kenya prior to coming to America.

So these 12,000 are already here – have been here for at least a year.

Mandatory health screenings are frequently put off for several months after the immigrants arrival. Those who blend into the secretive, tight-knit Somali community often do not resurface to be tested for communicable disease, officials complain.

Mast says that all levels of government need to be more pro-active in dealing with the issue of immigration workers, as it has opened up many additional areas of concerns including community safety, cultural clashes, and a long-term financial drain on communities where unskilled immigrants congregate for employment.

So at least someone is admitting that cultural clashes are a reality, and that communities suffer LONG-TERM financial harm – and these immigrants are “unskilled,” to boot, so why did we bring them over? Oh, of course, it was for humanitarian reasons. What about the humanity right here in the U.S. working and paying our taxes each and every day – for what, to pay the damage control for Tyson Foods ?

When the U.S. chooses to be benevolent, there are right ways and wrong ways to go about it. This is the wrong way. These “refugees,” were no doubt starving and living in unspeakable circumstances, but if we’re going to bring the sick and the hungry to America, bring the children. There will be no cultural clashes, they will not hole-up in patriarchial cults, their diseases can be cured or controlled, they will have a chance for honest freedom and will not be invested in changing ours. This may not be viable – probably for certain isn’t, but…

Back to Emporia:

Mast said the TB infections in the Somali community Emporia, a city of 28,000 people, the third highest TB rate in Kansas.

[The Somali community] is dealing with active cases now, she tells Newsmax. This population is extremely difficult to track and it is hard to treat them. You have to make sure they are compliant with the medication and make sure they finish it up.

Remember Andrew Speaker and his bride, Sarah? They had a fairytale wedding in Greece, honeymoon in Italy. Got a phone call in their bridal suite from the CDC. He was told that the authorities would arrive in “hours,” to place him in quarantine. Well they found Andrew Speaker, from Atlanta, via Greece, in Italy, but they can’t rout-out the tuberculer Somalis in Emporia, KS.

The truth is, they don’t want to find them – it’s not politically correct to intrude on a the privacy of a Muslim community.

Officials admit:

…that latent TB and other infectious diseases are prevalent among Somali and other humanitarian refugees arriving in the U.S.

She [Mast] said there has been little family reunification among the male workers something that could occur in the future and further exacerbate the problem and stress the community financially and culturally.

I had to reread that one a couple of times. I can only assume that these male refugees have not yet brought their refugee families to the U.S. – and if and when they do, the problems multiply.

Peggy Mast, the Gazette says, is an “11 year Republican state representative from Kansas whose district includes Emporia…” We’ll I’m almost speechless:

[Mast says] There have already been several cultural clashes. This is a disservice to the population you are bringing in and you are inviting a cultural clash, Mast says. The fact there is such a cultural clash and where you have active TB cases, you only have to guess to imagine the fear that spreads through the community.

Here’s a Conservative warning of the disservice to the “population” brought to the U.S. under the guise of humane refugee status – and they are sick with a communicable disease, they are trouble makers and they have no interest in “communing” with Americans.

Obviously, Ms. Mast hasn’t lived in a Muslim country, because if she had, she would know all about unfair cultural clashes. Instead, she chides the people of Emporia for adding to the burden of the Somali refugees.

Here’s a snippet from Peggy Mast’s website:

I believe that Kansas families deserve leaders who are capable of implementing positive change…leaders who understand the unique character of our communities, the strength of our citizens, and the importance of our children’s future.
During challenging times, state government needs experienced leadership rooted in conservative values that can make a difference for our communities.
I pledge to continue to be a voice for the people I represent and not special interest groups. Putting the people of my district first has always been my top priority.

Mast’s website also says: “If you live in the city of Emporia, Peggy may or may not represent you,…”

The question is, is the Tyson Food plant in District 76 – Peggy’s District? Is she invested in cheap labor for Tyson? Can there be another reason that she would make such charges against her constituency? As I look through her website I see that she is quite conservative – supporting second amendment rights to “keep and bear arms,” including giving her vote for “conceal and carry” legislation.

Reading the comment thread in various Kansas newspapers, her constituents seem to think she is doing a good job.

Mast is calling on the Feds for thorough screenings “on refugees entering the U.S.”

In addition to health concerns, she said there should be mandatory cultural education to help refugees assimilate.

Mast says “they [the Somalis] do not understand the culture.”

It’s not only the Somalis. Americans have learned and are beginning to accept that most Muslims, not all, will never understand our culture, refuse to understand it – it is the culture of infidels:

[Mast again] Men tend not to show respect for women. They are very demanding and do not respect other peoples space, Mast says. Additionally, she said the limited language skills have caused communication issues beyond simple day-to-day contact.
For example, Mast says most of the Somalis in Emporia are single males who live in a cluster near Emporia State University. She said several female students complained of being extremely intimidated by the Somali men’s presence.

Islam knows no respect for women. God bless the women and children because the Muslim men have a plan and it’s not pretty. This is something that our Government cannot legislate.
We must keep these people out of the United States. As jaded as I am, I still believe in legal immigration from Arab countries for people who have jobs, can support themselves, want to be among Americans and most importantly, understand and co-operate with us as we surveil their every move, if and when necessary.
Here’s Mast worrying about the “sense of security” for the Somalis again:

We look down the road and see the problems they can create. Unemployed single males with nothing to do.
Mast says the inconsistency of some of the authorities does not help create any sense of security.
She notes that it is cultural for Somalis to marry up to four wives at one time.

Is this now legal in the U.S. – can they come here and do this, or has a local court conspired with the local back street iman to carry on business as usual – as is done routinely in Britain ?

My concern is multiple children: Is our society prepared to take responsibility for caring for that size of the family? [Sponsors] say it will be a major resettlement [in Emporia]. The community is not ready for this, Mast says.

Where in all this dialog from Ms. Mast is the culpability of Tyson Foods?

About 3/4ths of the way through this post, I found that Tyson “restructured” its Emporia plant. In January 2008 they announced the coming lay-off of 1500-2400 jobs. How many of those were Somalian refugees and where are they now? Where are the 12,000 Somalis that the U.S. agreed to resettle?

For more, search the archives of Refugee Resettlement Watch

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