Radical Liberal Bloggers – Here’s a Run-down

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From American Sentinel’s Paul Zannucci:

Breaking news: Democratic talking points: being an involved mother and a member of PTA is an indicator of systemic stupidity and means you have a questionable background.

Perhaps the enlightened party needs to look a little more carefully at itself. Today’s news that Sarah Palin will be the Vice Presidential candidate for the Republicans has brought a barrage of sexist remarks at Democratic websites.

Here’s a quick review:

Son of Bill Brasky, who came on this site to rail about Palin being a beauty queen, has more standard drivel on his site, including an hilarious post that includes a picture of Palin and a baby polar bear. Nice work, there, SOB. Don’t bother thanking me for the link.

Ali A. Rizvi, like Brasky another small time liberal blogger, calls Palin “just a girl”. I’m sure his mother is proud.

At the Democratic Underground, posters are making fun of her, again, participating in pageants and being a part of the PTA. They compare her to a fry cook, which is demeaning only to the people who struggle through the hard and hot work of being a fry cook. For anyone from the DU who might come over here, I’d like to remind them that there is nothing wrong with having a job. Various threads exist on Palin and almost all of them are sexist. They claim she is a “token” woman, point out that she has a vagina, question whether she is suffering from postpartum depression and make copious predictions that she’ll cry throughout the campaign.

Over at Daily Kos, the official articles repeatedly belittle her knowledge on just about everything and compare her to Dharma and Punky Brewster.

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