Gold Standard Issues – How to Vote for President

Newsweek Claims that Whites Who Don’t Vote for Obama are Racists, by Michael Eden writing for American Sentinel

I’m not a racist, and I certainly will not vote for Obama.

Issues that raise my antennae: a candidate leaning toward, or tied to, communism, socialism, victimhood and Islam. These are the big issues that will affect liberty, as nothing else will.

I have never been a racist. I vote based on what I believe the candidate believes. Skin color is never an issue – but it is an issue for the media. Their advocacy for any skin color other than white is astonishing, their advocacy for any population group that is “not legal” is astonishing, their advocacy for anything that is “faithless” is astonishing.

Sharpton, Jackson, Obama ’08, the DNC, MSNBC, et all, think this is their heaviest hammer. The media unashamedly calls us racist. If only we could be in the voting booth to see how each of them “check the box.” Their rhetoric is high, but many in the media are the biggest racists of all.

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