An Important Message From Lionheart

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Video: Moslem flag burners in London

This blog has been a window on my personal reality in relation to the Al Qaeda’s declaration of War against Great Britain from Luton which is around the area where I live which was the start of point of the Moslem psychopaths on the morning of 7/7 2005 when they declared War on the people of Great Britain on behalf of Al Qaeda, it was also the focal point of the biggest anti-terror operation in British history ‘operation crevice’, it is one scene within Great Britain where the Pakistani Moslem street Jihad with Heroin that comes direct from the poppy fields of Afghanistan is happening, where the local community is being aggressively targeted with this poison and chemical weapon by organized gangs of Pakistani Moslems, and it also contains my perception on the reality of today’s Global Jihad that has been declared against us that effects every Nation on Earth, specifically aimed at those of us living in the West and Israel to destroy our Civilisation.

For over 18 months now, I have given others the opportunity to look and see through my window for themselves about this present serious situation that has a direct bearing on their children and grandchildren’s futures and the future of our Western way of life for them to make up their own minds based on the information given. Hopefully helping the blind eyes to see, and the deaf ears to hear what is really going on within this one aspect of life. That which is brushed under the carpet of reality by the Liberal Elite in power by their State sanctioned propaganda, out of sight and out of mind from the people, then they themselves do not have to deal with it, like the human ostriches with their heads buried in the sand that they are.
If I could see the future and told you that your house was going to burn down and kill everyone inside then you would look around you to see if it could really happen based on the information you have been given, then you would either ignore the warning or take preventative steps to stop it from happening to protect yourselves and your families lives would you not?

It is exactly the same with the present situation surrounding us with Moslems, their Islamic religion and the Global Jihad that they have declared against us to destroy our Western Judeo/Christian Civilisation, and my blog along with every other blog and website out there is just that, a warning about the greatest peril of our time with the future of our Civilisation now hanging in the balance.

Different era’s and time frames of history have had there own problems to face, for example the last Century saw the First World War, the Second World War, and the Cold War during its life, and now at the turn of this new Century we in this generation have the Global Jihad to contend with in the Nuclear age.

The future we face is inevitable based upon the present facts surrounding us, each day we are walking into the future together and all that it contains based upon the present facts, and if people are not aware of the present facts surrounding them now because they are living in ignorance, void of the truth, then they cannot prepare for what is coming and believe me we cannot escape what is coming, it is inevitable, that is why this blog along with every other one like it out there is important, and the reason why I am now asking for those who follow my blog and enjoy reading it to help keep this window open, and help me to expand it so we can reach a bigger audience.

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