Video: Chills to the Bone – Muslim Americans for Obama

Partial transcription (or close to it) under the video

H/T to ztruth who asked “are there machine-gun sounds at the end of it?”

Check-out the link to No Compromise after the video: questions asked by Muslim Americans for Obama and answered by them, along with some pithy commentary from No Compromise.

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Read an the first person story of an English blogger who has stood-up to, and continues to stand-up to, the Islamification of his neighborhood in Luton, England – despite being arrested and losing nearly everything. You will not often hear a voice of such strength and courgage as that of Lionheart.

Maggie’s Transcription (I accept no responsibility for errors or understated script)
Where is the outcry?

Where is the voice of the people?
Where is the voice of the people?

They attack all of us for the same reason,
all of us catch hell from the same enemy,
we are all in the same bay,
in the same boat.

We suffer political oo-ppression, economic exploitation, and social degradation, all of them the same enemy.

Lots of unintelligible dialogue (heavily accented speech).

I am reminded of young David,
I am reminded of young David,
the shepherd boy who stood up to the great warrior of the Philistines.

There must be somebody somewhere
There must be somebody somewhere
There must be somebody somewhere

Young David took one small stone…unintelligible… and he slayed the giant
More unintelligible dialogue

Ends with Gunfire – and there seems to gunfire and military commands throughout.


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