Two New Contributors to Maggie’s Notebook

Each contributor at Maggie’s Notebook (see the list near the top-left-hand corner of the this webpage) spends many, many hours researching and maintaining their own blogs, as well as often sharing that research here.

Defending the defense of freedom is our mission, and isn’t it sad that simply defending freedom isn’t enough – we must now defend that defense.

(Note: A fine blogging friend on my contributor list, Stanford Matthews of Blog@MoreWhat, has been away from his keyboard for awhile. I’ve recently received word that he is hoping to be back soon. I’ve missed his always fair and well-thought-out analysis of both Liberals and Conservatives)

I’m excited to announce that Roger Gardner at RADARSITE and Miss Beth of Miss Beth’s Victory Dance have agreed to contribute to Maggie’s Notebook.

Miss Beth is the owner and editor of the ardent and spirited Miss Beth’s Victory Dance. Her mission is that of many Conservative bloggers, and she says it best:

I believe in VICTORY. That’s VICTORY with family, in careers, in love and in war. Specifically, the war in Iraq and the greater war on terror. Unequivocal, complete, resounding VICTORY. I don’t believe in failure; failure is not an option.

Miss Beth is a Conservative in the legal profession. She is a certified paralegal and an office manager and webmaster for an attorney. She has worked within the Las Vegas Parole and Probation unit, and she is a community activist fighting for many lawful causes – most recently, standing strong against illegal immigration and those legals advocating on behalf of lawbreakers. She is continually attending or teaching advanced educational classes in her field.

Roger Gardner is the owner and editor of the riveting RADARSITE, which has recently passed its one-year anniversary. Roger said the following in his recently updated mission statement:

Here [at RADARSITE] we still believe in the American dream. Here we fight back against those who would destroy that dream. Many of our readers are veterans, all are patriots. We do not come together here to debate the merits of America, but to protect her. We have studied the issues and have worked hard to understand just what is at risk. Our opinions are not borrowed, but are the results of our studies. We defend our opinions only so long as we believe them to be true. The moment we begin to doubt them, we will abandon them.

The very conservative RADARSITE has mentions or reprints at,, and the Chicago Sun Times, as well as being voted number 17 of the 50 top rated Israel Forum blogs (of 721 political blogs) – and this is just a small list.

A visit to Miss Beth’s Victory Dance and Roger Gardner’s RADARSITE will broaden your horizons and raise your blood pressure

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