Former Greenpeace Founder: Wind and Solar not Feasible

Paraphrasing a few snippets from Patrick Moore, Co-Chair, CASEnergy Coalition. View video below.

Wind and solar are inherently intermittant. We cannot run our hospitals and schools and factories on power sources that disappear for 3 or 4 days at a times.

Hydro-energy and nuclear power produce the least greenhouse gas per capita.

Denmark is among the highest per capita in C02 admissions in Western Europe

Sweden and France have actually shown an achievement in greenhouse gas reductions.

Doesn’t make sense to plug electric cars into coal fired power plants because it will increase a number of emissions, including C02.

We’ve built so much wind in some parts of the west and south that there’s not enough transmission lines to carry the wind – another unintended consequence.

My old colleagues in the environmental movement are actually the main impediment to reducing fossile fuel consumption and C02 emissions, because they oppose the practical solutions…

Thanks to YouTube and IdeasPrimary

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