A New Military Blog-Find, Drilling Here, Drilling Now & Afghanistan

I found a new blog today, American Ranger, written by an Iraqi Freedom and Vietnam veteran. It’s probably not new to many of my readers because you keep up on our military at warp speed. There are many reasons to read this blog. Viewing the header – which is just awesome, is one reason to go there.

The first post that caught my attention was Drill in ANWR Now!. Photos of ANWR are up. You may have seen them but it’s good to have a reminder – especially when you pick up the phone to call your, in all likely-hood, pitiful Congressman to demand that we Drill Here and Drill Now.

I know all of our Representatives and Senators are not pitiful, but some of you out there aren’t as fortunate as I – having Senator Jim Inhofe to lead conservatively each and every time; Senator Tom Coburn and Representative John Sullivan most of the time.

There’s good information on ANWR at American Ranger, as well, and maps to point out just where and how tiny ANWR is in the whole Alaskan setting.

Sign the petition at American Solutions

The American Ranger’s current post is One Unit’s Last Mission in Afghanistan from the WSJ, with some of American Ranger’s commentary. It should be required reading.

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