New Life for an Old Symbol: “Come And Take It!”

Whether it’s Obama’s elitist disdain for the great unwashed who, “cling to guns or religion,” or McCain’s disregard for the majority of American citizens who don’t want to grant amnesty to ILLEGAL ALIENS, one symbol stands out as the symbol of the day! It’s the Come And Take It” symbol, flag, and slogan used in the Texas Revolution in 1835. This symbol is no longer hiding in a dusty history book. It is now being resurrected as the symbol of America’s fight against Illegal immigration.”
Since the 1980’s gun-rights advocates have modified the original cannon symbol; using instead an aggressive looking assault rifle. But the original cannon has behind it the strength and subtle symbolic power of our long history with Mexico. The symbol of that little original 6 pound Come And Take It cannon now belongs to all American citizens who stand up in defiance of the Mexican invasion!

We will not be overwhelmed!
Imagine May Day 2009. Instead of retching at the sight of Mexican flags flying over our American streets, imagine a sea of white and black Come and Take It flags flying as a sign of American Unity against illegal immigration!
Imagine walking into your local grocery store or Wal-Mart any day and seeing many other Americans proudly wearing their Come And Take It T-shirts or ball caps.
Imagine thousands of bumper stickers in this election year with the simple words “Come And Take It!” Talk about sending a message to both candidates!!!
If we can’t see ourselves flying the Come And Take it Flag, or wearing the T-shirt or ball cap, then we better be able to envision ourselves living under the domination of Mexican Flag!
Note to Mexico: Those who fail to remember history are doomed to repeat history!
Here’s the brief history of Come And Take It from the Gonzales, Texas Chamber of Commerce.
“In 1831 the Mexican government loaned the citizens of Gonzales a six-pound cannon as protection against the Indians. In September of 1835, as political unrest grew, Mexican officials at San Antonio de Bexar demanded the cannon be returned.”
Well that just didn’t happen! Read the entire story here.

Here’s how it ended:
“There, in the early-morning hours of Oct. 2, 1835, the colonists crossed the river with their cannon, surprising the troops and waving their hastily fashioned flag, which proclaimed “Come and Take It.” Almost immediately the cannon fired, killing one of Castenada’s men and scattering the rest, forcing them to retreat to San Antonio de Bexar. Thus was fired the shot that set off the struggle for Texas independence from Mexico.”
It’s such a simple symbol that anyone with a black permanent marker and white cloth can quickly duplicate it! But wouldn’t it be nice to find a place where we can buy Come and Take It! items?
When I suggested a line of Come And Take It gifts, clothing, and caps to Texas Fred, he immediately got with the folks at CafePress and added an entire page of Come And Take It goodies. Fred wisely included both the original and modified symbols on his products.
Disclaimer: I am not involved in Texas Fred’s financial ventures but I applaud his initiative in getting the ball rolling! Check out the Come And Take It gifts here.
Here are some Come and Take It Flag resources:
“ . . .The truth is that the overwhelming evidence proves that a super majority of Americans oppose Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Guest Worker Program, Temporary Worker Program, Path to Citizenship, etc… That is why the supporters of amnesty have to keep changing the name!
A majority of Americans support the enforcement of our existing immigration laws only, which results in illegal aliens returning home on their own or with government assistance.
Any lawmaker, candidate, reporter, activist, or organization that supports the current lack of enforcement of the existing laws, or supports the overthrow of these laws by passage of new legislation, which a majority of Americans oppose, is a traitor to the American republic and an enemy of the citizens of the United States. . . .”