Iran’s 25-Year Atomic Program and the U.N.’s Failure to Launch

This Bloomberg Report says that Iran has concealed its “atomic program for two decades before 2003.” That would be about 25 years that Iran has been working on an “atomic program.”

The U.N. Atomic Agency reports that they have verified the “non-diversion” of declared nuclear material in Iran. So, materials haven’t been diverted to nuclear? Or have they?

The U.N. jumped right on evaluating American’s racist attitudes (because voters may not want to vote for Barack Hussein Obama), but the U.N. cannot feed the hungry, they cannot contain the peacekeepers who rape and pillage, they cannot stop greenhouse gases and they certainly cannot stop Iran – who, according to the report, “probably will not have enough uranium for a bomb until 2010, at the earliest….”

No need to worry, Israel, you still have about 1-1/2 years before you must launch (you do have complete faith in the U.N. and the IAEA, don’t you?)

(Emphasized text is mine)

Iran Withholding Atomic Weapons Research, UN Reports (Update 1)

By Jonathan Tirone

May 26 (Bloomberg) — Iran continues to defy United Nations demands that it suspend its nuclear program, has expanded its fabrication of atomic fuel and continues to stonewall investigators looking into documents alleging its government researched atomic weapons, the UN atomic agency said.

“The agency is of the view that Iran may have additional information, in particular, on high explosives testing and missile-related activities, which could shed more light on the nature of these alleged studies and which Iran should share,” according to a nine-page report the International Atomic Energy agency transmitted to the Security Council today from Vienna.

Iran “maintains that all the allegations are baseless and that the data have been fabricated,” the report said. IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei will present the findings to the Vienna-based agency’s 35-member board of governors June 2.

The IAEA findings are likely to intensify international pressure on Iran, holder of the world’s No. 2 oil and gas reserves, over its atomic work. The Security Council has imposed three sets of sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program. Tehran’s government says it’s not making a bomb and wants enriched uranium to fuel nuclear energy reactors.

Surprise Visits

UN inspectors, who have made 14 surprise visits since March 2007 to Iran’s uranium enrichment facility at Natanz, were “able to continue to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear material in Iran,” according to the report.

The country increased the number of centrifuges it’s operating by 17 percent since February to 3,500 and may by the beginning of the third-quarter be able to install 6,000 of the fast-spinning machines that separate uranium isotopes, according to the agency.

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