The War Politicians Don’t Want to Talk About

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American politics. At times, especially in recent times, can be an international embarrassment. In my short 53 years on this planet, I have been a keen observer of politics ever since I voted for that fellow from Georgia. You know. Him. The guy that hates Israel and loves terrorists and tries to convince people that he is sane. I figured out he was insane when he screwed the Shah of Iran and put into power those “nice religious people”. He then accepted the Shah into the US for medical treatment and then had him ejected from the US because those “nice religious people” demanded it. Then, he gave the Panama Canal to the Red Chinese and had American military members killed in Iran on a rescue mission of the American hostages. He later claimed that if he had had one more chopper, he would have won re-election. Idiot. Alas, I digress.

Getting back to American politics, I discovered many years ago that the vast majority of the politicians that wind up in DC don’t give a hoot about the American People. All they care about is the Almighty Power they get to wield. Power is all that matters. Tenure in office is all that matters. Bribing constituents of their districts for votes is all that matters. Case in point is Murtha, the soon to be EX-Marine, hopefully, that disgraced his uniform and the Oath he swore at one time but tossed that solemn Oath out the window for political gain. He isn’t the only one, either. The list is long and brutal.

Why won’t the current crop of contenders for the Presidency on the DNC ticket talk about what is going on at this moment in Iraq or Afghanistan? And, what about those 18 Iraqi Benchmarks they so whined about all of last year? For that matter, whatever came of “the war is lost”? For that matter, whatever came of the Democrat Party chant of “we are going to end this war”? Were those words and mantras merely to win an election? Certainly they would not stoop to such new depths as to lie their way into power, would they? Well, as it turns out, the answer is an astoundingly, resounding and rising crescendo of YES!

In today’s NY Post, Amir Taheri has an article addressing the various candidates and The Why they don’t talk about Iraq much…they can’t. It exposes them for being on the wrong side of the war for political gain and would have to admit that Bush was right. Even though he was and is right, they cannot rise above their self-induced quagmire of failure. They would also have to admit that Iran is indeed behind about 90% of the turmoil now in country, both in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hell, I knew that back before 91101. Surely they did as well. But, it isn’t politically expedient to admit so. This is why American politics is so damn embarrassing. The entire world knows that Iran is behind the unrest. Only a fool does not. Please excuse me for stating the obvious to the oblivious.

Political Correctness. Multiculturalism. Identity Politics. The cowards’ rants of stupidity, self-imposed. A political quagmire of their own making. Perhaps they should redeploy? I will end this with a quote from George Orwell found at the American Thinker and discussed tonight at JPM’s BTR show.

“We have now sunk to a depth where the restatement of the obvious is the duty of intelligent men” – George Orwell.

Sadly, there aren’t many intelligent men left in this country. At least not many that are willing to speak out.

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