Standing-up for the Missionary’s Right to Urge Against a Vote for Obama

I recently requested that Debbie at RightTruth share an e-mail from one of her readers with Maggie’s Notebook. RightTruth said, right up front, they could not personally vouch for the missionaries. I asked permission to print Loren and Celeste Davis’ e-mail because it echoed some heavily sourced information that I have published.

Shortly after the post went up, a commenter dropped by and told me that I was spreading rumors about Barack Obama, and that the missionaries were on the record as saying (in the commenter’s words):

They’ve claimed that the NFL, the National Football League, is part of a satanic conspiracy to destroy Christianity. They say that Wal-Mart’s logo has secret satanic symbols too.

If you Google certain things about the Davis’, who have their own website, the commenter’s site comes up first – and he has posted about this several times. Around 5pm today he put up his own post, reiterating in the vain of his above partial comment.

Back to why I published the e-mail – and I’m glad that I did. The e-mail mentioned the missionaries “living and working in Kenya,” which fit perfectly with my research area and previous posts.

The e-mail also mentioned the following confirming my post:
(1) Obama campaigned for Raila Odinga for President in 2006
(2) Extreme violence accompanied the December 2007 elections
(3) Odinga is a socialist and spent a lot of time in Germany
(4) Odinga claimed the election was a fraud
(5) Churches were burned and people inside died

In addition, some of the e-mail confirmed some of my unreported research:
(1) Obama and Odinga are cousins
(2) Obama is a Muslim
(3) Obama is a racist

I cannot prove that the above three items are true. I CAN prove that the above grouping of five is reported by many sources, supported by documents in some cases, and photos in other. There is compelling reason to believe that the grouping of five is true.

The missionaries did not mention this, which I reported:
(1) Barack Obama’s father had a very close relationship to Raila Odinga’s father

(2) Raila Odinga signed an agreement with the National Muslim Leaders Forum to allow and enforce Shariah law in certain areas of THE REPUBLIC OF KENYA.

(3) Barack Obama’s father published his advocation of “communal ownership of land and forced confiscation of privately controlled land…”

(4) Barack Obama’s father advocated the nationalization of “European” and “Asian” owned enterprises, including hotels with the control of these operations handed over to the “indigenous” black population.

So, there is every reason for missionaries living among the inhabitants of a torn country, with the many complications of tribal politics, to see things the way the overwhelming majority of Christians there see them, rather than taking the view of the minority of Muslims. The Davis’ are Americans. They do not like Obama. They have every right to put their bias in print and send it out to their readers – and the commenter’s bias can prove no more truth than the Davis’ – and you cannot get around the fact that the Davis’ have more than a little experience in the area, among the people.

Many of the Davis’ claims are documented in the sources I linked to above. Whether Obama is a racist? Some, in fact, quite a few, think he is. Some also think he’s Muslim. Some also think he is Raila Odinga’s cousin.

As I read about them, my opinion is that they:
(1) Believe the Bible is the only word of God, just as it is written.
(2) They are not new agers, or spiritualists.
(3) They are, perhaps, of the pentecostal persuasion.
(4) They believe in the anti-Christ and the mark of the Beast.
(5) They believe every word of the Book of Revelations.
(5) They teach and preach about both of the above.

Wal-Mart: On the Davis’ website they talk about the veri-chip and speculate that it might be “the mark of the beast.” They do not state that Wal-Mart has anything to do with Satan (at least that I can find) – but they intimate that the veri-chip will make it easier for Satan to make his mark. Many companies use the veri-chip to identify their products. Whether Satan talked them into it or not, no one knows.

The NFL: The commenter in his post today says that the Davis’ “took down” their comments about the 2008 Pro-Bowl half-time entertainment. I, indeed, did see it there today, and it now appears to be gone. The commenter has it posted and I’ve borrowed it from him:

An interesting thing happened during the American Super Bowl which determines the NFL Football Champion, February, 2007. The half-time entertainer had a big cloth of some kind around the stage on which he was performing. There was an appendage hanging down from his guitar. This created a silhouette that LOOKED LIKE SATAN with a forked tail, and below him showed the silhouettes of people with their hands lifted as if they were WORSHIPPING SATAN. The secular news media was even talking about this. No one should be naive enough to believe that this was merely coincidental. The world is being conditioned to fulfill Revelation 13:4, to boldly and openly worship Satan. The Bible prophesies this is coming. These are some of the signs of the times. (Matthew 16:3)”

The commenter believes the Davis’ are involved in a “bizarre conspiracy theory world view.” Maybe they are. I don’t know, but it has nothing to do with the information in their e-mail. The Davis’ believe in the Book of Revelations. It’s that simple. Some out there are trying to identify end times and some are not.

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