Obama’s Earmarks: Valerie Jarrett – The Other Connection

Senator Barack Obama’s congressional “earmarks” are getting little press notice, but Faultline USA has the important details. Read them at The Release of Barack Obama’s 2005-06 Earmark Requests Brings up Questions.

Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett - Jarrett, "the other half of Barack Obama's brain"

Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett – Jarrett, “the other half of Barack Obama’s brain”

There are two issues in question:
(1) $1 Million to the University of Chicago Hospitals, where Michelle Obama is employed as Vice President for Community and External Affairs. Mrs. Obama’s employment is not the only connection to this earmark.

This from Maggie [not FaultlineUSA]: Valerie Jarrett, a top Obama campaign advisor is the Chair of the University of Chicago Medical Center Board, as well as Chair of the Executive Committee of that Board, and Vice-Chair of the University’s Board of Trustees.

Here’s a headline from The Huffington Post:

Valerie Jarrett Steps Up Role in Obama Campaign: “She’s Always Been the Other Side of Barack’s Brain.”

Jarrett has a close, long relationship with both Barack and Michelle Obama. Like the Obamas, Jarrett is a South Sider with deep ties to the University of Chicago.

Though she will be part-time, Jarrett will be one of the most visible and powerful African-Americans in the top rungs of the Obama operation. The very top campaign jobs are filled by whites.

(2) $1.3 Million for military weaponry – this from the anti-war Senator who will pull our troops from Iraq and turn the people over to Jhadist Islam. Why would he support funding weapons? There’s a connection between his campaign’s Illinois finance chairman and “one of the nation’s largest military contractors.”

FaultlineUSA has a comprehensive group of posts on Obama, as well as his Pastor Jeremiah Wright. Read Barbara Sowell’s courageous appeal to her alma mater, Brite Divinity School, (which has given an honorary “recognition” to Jeremiah Wright), to return to its mainline Christian theology. She describes what is happening in todays Liberal religious attitudes:

While the core tenet of the evangelical left is pacifism, the core thrusts of the secular left are distributional justice and social equality. These themes complement each other, and the evangelical and secular Left mutually reinforce each other’s respective positions. . .”



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