Hillary SPEAKS: Obama’s Church "giving the church bulletin over to…Hamas"

Hillary made the first step toward highlighting the Hamas manifesto printed in Senator Obama’s church bulletin. It was a tiny little voice up there, standing beside Obama at the Democratic debate on April 16th – and, of course, there was no follow-up by moderators Gibson or Stephanopolos. This is the last thing Obama wants to talk about.

Voters, it is important that you know about the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) before you vote. Do a search engine search and learn all you can.

After I posted The Meat: Jeremiah Wright Publishes CAIR Founder’s Manifesto on April 14th, that post was being discussed on the Hillary Clinton forum. A portion of my post was up on the forum with this headline:


Wright gives $$ to CAIR(a pro-HAMAS organization), WRIGHT even publishes CAIR;s founding message in the church…OBAMAs GIVE MONEY TO TRINITY’s WRIGHT…



One Hillary supporter urged others on the forum to contact the media, and provided the email contacts for the press, both Liberal and Conservative. Another left a comment that he/she had no knowledge of CAIR before reading “The Meat.” “No knowing”…this is the danger we face as we go into the Presidential election.

Lynn Sweet, writing for the Sun Times has posted a RUSH transcript of the debate. Hillary, speaking of Pastor Jeremiah Wright finally got it out:

It is clear that, as leaders, we have a choice who we associate with
and who we apparently give some kind of seal of approval to. And I
think that it wasn’t only the specific remarks but some of the
relationships with Reverend Farrakhan, with giving the church bulletin
over to the leader of Hamas, to put a message in.

If you haven’t heard about the ties with Trinity United Christian Church (8,000 members according to last night’s debate), and Pastor Jeremiah Wright, Barack’s mentor, to TERRORISM, I’m providing background links:

Transcription of “Hamas’ stand” on Jeremiah Wright’s “Pastor’s Page”
Jeremiah Wright Connects with the Hamas Charter
Who and What are the Palestinians?

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