Democrat Superdelegates Can Appoint Other Superdelegates

While the media reports daily, and diligently, on the Superdelegate count of Senators Clinton and Obama, all may not be as it seems.

Some superdelegates – not all – can appoint additional superdelegates. A select few are chosen to name a total of seventy-six (76) new delegates at the Democrat Convention this summer, making some superdelegates more powerful than others.

From – Superdelegates Can Multiply and Help Hillary:

Consider Art Torres, chairman of the California Democratic Party….Torres gets to name five additional superdelegates,…

State party chairmen are the “appointers” for most of the additional 76 superdelegates – who are known as “Unpledged add-ons.”

Chief Strategist for Clinton’s campaign, Harold Ickes says [of not-yet-named superdelegates]:

‘They basically are gifts to the state party chairs,”…

Superdelegate “strategies” are developing, state by state. Torres will be “diplomatic,” and some of his appointees will aid California in meeting “affirmative action goals.”

Read the details at NewsMax.


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