Congratulations! Wake up America Passes 500,000 Hits

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the Land unto all the inhabitants thereof…

This week, Susan Duclos at Wake up America passed the 500,000 hits mark, and then continued to blaze past a half a million hits by the thousands.

Susan (or Spree, as you may know her) was not the first blogger I met when I started Maggie’s Notebook, but she was one of the first. She is generous beyond measure when it comes to helping other writers. I remember when she attempted to guide me through doing a little tweaking on my blog template. Once I got it, it made such a difference, and that’s just a small example.

By reading Wake up America and my very first blogging mentor, FaultlineUSA, I found that I also could be an “impassioned voice.”

There is no fiercer supporter of America, the strong defense of America, of our men and women in the military and their families, of our families and the defense of our families – than Wake up America. That is really all that’s important, isn’t it, because if America is free, as intended in our founding documents, then all that encompasses America will remain free. When we are free to care for our families, and to worship as we choose, or choose not, to do, then everything else is elemental. Wake up America fights for freedom every day.

On September 22, 2006, in her first post, Susan said this:

Fact is we had terrorists, not just knock on our door on 9/11, but crashed through our door and killed our family.

George Bush woke up, the rest of us simply turned over and went back to sleep.
Wake up!

…if someone broke into YOUR house and killed YOUR family, would you demand law enforcement hunt them down or find em and “talk” to them? Would you expect those that aided them, hid them, fed them, clothed them and funded them to face justice also? Or would you “ask” them to stop helping?

America is OUR house, each state is a room in that house….. The terrorists broke into our house and killed 3,000 people..

Wake up America has been on point and profoundly focused ever since.

Here are three of my favorite posts from Susan (Spree).

My Interview with a Soldier

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American Media SUCKS when Reporting About Israel

Congratulations to Susan’s “brainchild.”

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