Chicago White Sox – Day of Sports (for Whom?)

This came to me by e-mail from Jake Jacobsen at Freedom Folks and Blogs for Borders.

All red text below is mine (Maggie) either for commentary or emphasis.

We make no big deal that white people have no “days of their own”, and no, President’s Day is not a day for white people. We’ve accepted that we are not allowed a white award show, a white pageant, a white day of sports, or a white congressional caucus…and we wouldn’t care, except that we get our noses rubbed in our generous spirit way to often. I mean, “our people” want to feel “proud of our race” too!

Message to the Chicago White Sox: Kids are kids. If it’s free for some kids, then let them all in free, along with their parents – no matter their color or country.

Via e-mail

Companeros, quisiera compartir con ustedes esta informacion de un evento donde nos podramos sentir orgullosos de nuestra raza. Casi todos los jugadores Latinoamericanos de los Whithe Sox van a estar presentes ofreciendo autografos y regalitos. El evento es totalmente gratis para nuestra gente, cortesia de Los White Sox.

Oh, I’m sorry. Did you want that in English, you picky bastards? Here’s the (rough) translation, courtesy of Free Translation

Companeros, wanted to share with you this information of an event where us podramos to feel proud of our race. Almost all the Latin-American players of the White Sox go to been present offering autografos and regalitos. The event is completely free for our people, cortesia of The White Sox.

What, exactly is free for “our people?” It seems the Chicago White Sox are hosting a special event — Dia del Deportes — to reach out market to Hispanics in the hopes of getting their mitts on more of their hard-earned cash. Sponsored by U.S. Cellular (as in U.S. Cellular Field, where the Sox play ball), along with Telemundo and Pepsi, it’s a day of fun, games, music, and meet-the-players. And who is it for again?

Clue#1: Did I mention that the event is named Dia del Deportes? [Day of Sports]

Clue#2: The flyers are in English and Espanol…

But here’s where it really gets interesting…look at the pictures of the kids on the flyers. The kids on the English language flyer for the All-American pastime event look, well, All-American.

But look at the kids on the Spanish language flyer:

Are we on the South Side of Chicago, or south of the border down Mexico way? Perhaps the answer can be found here.

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