Kerry Infects Obama for Dems Party Elite

The ink is barely dry on Biden and Dodd dropping out of the 2008 race and you know that Senator John Kerry’s endorsement of Barack Obama was planned with the Senate candidate from Illinois. Is this a slick move to woo undecided voters, the 2008 version of the 2004 anointing of the Dems party elite and do Biden, Dodd and Kerry stand to profit politically and otherwise by winning cabinet posts if Obama would be successful?

Below are reports from Kerry’s 2004 cabinet plans and strategy as well as a post from Michelle Malkin on the topic. The only part of this campaign strategy that is compelling points to the possibility that the Democratic party elite is shunning Hillary Rodham Clinton and her former President husband Bill. When Katie Couric interviewed HRC this week to help her continue to market the tears thing and further the network’s desire for another Clinton White House she noted the house they were at as Hillary’s home in NY. With some reports suggesting Bill has tried to sabotage Hillary’s campaign and the living arrangements being what they are, how does anyone consider them married other than technically? Excuse the spontaneous thought please. Can’t help but wonder about these things and worse, why so many choose to ignore all of what is wrong with the Clinton clan.

One last note, that may explain why John Edwards is still in the race. He sold out to the Dems party elite by caving to their anointing of John Kerry in 04. So he may only be in it to get the nod for VP on HRC’s ticket if she would end up with the nomination. Any way you slice it, with the Dems you get the same old c__p. And they want you to believe they are change agents. Maybe quick change artists but not change agents.

It would appear the Dems party elite does not believe Clinton can be the GOP. It is also quite possible that the cold, calculating queen of cringe cannot be trusted to attend to party business. So the party is grooming the ‘naive and irresponsible’ other rookie Senator to do the party bidding.

Kerry Exploring Cabinet Options

By Jim VandeHei
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, October 22, 2004; Page A23

If he wins the White House, John F. Kerry will immediately confront a difficult, divisive and deeply personal decision: which close friend will he have to stiff for secretary of state?

Kerry, who would name a national security team a few weeks after the election, is said by campaign sources to be under a fair amount of pressure to pick Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.) or Richard Holbrooke to help repair global alliances and attract new allies to assist in Iraq. Both men are seasoned diplomats, ambitious and close friends and political advisers to Kerry. And both clearly want the job.

Next: Kerry’s key Cabinet choices

By Peter Grier | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

But picking through advisers and matching them up with possible Cabinet roles reveals a lot about candidates themselves. A US administration is a joint effort, after all. Undecided voters might find it easier to make up their minds if they consider what personalities a challenger would install in office for the next four years.

A relative unknown to much of the voting public, Mr. Kerry might particularly benefit from helping this process along.

Michelle Malkin » John Kerry tries to make himself relevant; “Let …

I fear Kerry might be selected to fill a cabinet post if one of the Dims is elected. Hope I am wrong, but could you imagine him as SecDef or Homeland …

And who could forget Bill Richardson, his withdrawal and resume’ items in the Clinton cabinet. If you read the 911 Commission report that the Dems love to mention, you can relive the 911 mistakes of Bill and Hillary as well as Mr Richardson in failing to eliminate Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. Maybe Richardson gets his pick if either Obama or Clinton make it to the White House. Certainly buying off Vilsack earlier in the campaign ensures a post election job for him too. These people are more like job service than public service. So where are the change agents? Don’t kid yourself this is business as usual in Washington. But the Dems take it to a whole new level. And if you add Pelosi and Reid to the equation as well as Boxer and Feinstein and their money connections and Clinton’s criminal campaign contributors, this country could be in a world of hurt come 2009.

By Stanford Matthews
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