Pelosi in July

By Stanford Matthew
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Speaker PelosiA review of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s press releases
so far in the month of July shed some light on why
the Democratic majority has the record it does
since the midterms. A July 2nd PR puts Pelosi on
the record as finding the 9/11 Commission
recommendations as something worthy of a
press release. She claims passing HR1 in the House
in January has not ended in passage in the Senate
because of the GOP. Thin as it is Nancy, you have
a majority in the Senate and if there is as much bipartisan support for the commission as
you say, this should not have been a problem. Quit whining and do something.

Can you recall the last time so much has been made of a Presidential
commutation? They are always controversial and they are also a
Presidential prerogative. So get over it and move on. The
only reason this blog presented a list of President Clinton’s pardons
was for all the Dhimmi, Demmi, Democrats crying over Scooter Libby’s
commutation of sentence. Let this stand as Pelosi’s 2nd July
press release that is nothing more than political whining aimed at the
opposition party. No wonder Congress has nothing done and
approval ratings below those of the President.

Valley Forge

On July 5th, one day after the remembrance of our nation’s battle for
independence, surrender monkey Nancy Pelosi could not wait to speak of
defeat and aid the enemy with antiwar rhetoric. She feeds on the
RINO defections of four GOP Senators. Two who are worried about
re-election. One will probably never run again. And the
other is just not real bright. That would be, in order, Warner
and Domenici, Lugar, and last but certainly least, Voinovich.
Again, Pelosi is discussing the GOP as the Dems cannot do anything by
themselves. The lack of support for the troops in Congress is a
national disgrace. But from Pelosi’s renegade trip to Syria, she
has led the surrender antiwar crowd. Can’t determine what to do
about the war in Iraq, so again, blame your deficiencies on the GOP.

Global Warming Panic

Then on July 6th a PR about another lame liberal cause, Live
Earth. With such inane events the Dems wonder why crazed fringe
liberals and Hollywood types are the only ones they can enlist for
their nonsense. What self-respecting individuals with any
intelligence would associate themselves with such childish
antics? If you want serious results for your programs consider
addressing them in a serious, calm manner and perhaps someone will
listen. Reports indicate this promotion known as ‘Live Earth’ was
a major flop. A fine match for the Democratic majority in

Liberal fringeWith the exception of one salute to Lady Bird Johnson and
a recent housing matter not worth reading, Pelosi’s remaining
July press releases all contain antiwar sentiment which is the
mainstay of Democrat politics. It is all they know and all they have
done. It may rank as the most damaging six months in political
history. The only action the GOP can hang their collective hat on
is defeating the Democrats other only ‘new direction’ for

The amnesty bills are dead for now and most accounts
expect no action until after the 2008 elections. Yet fortunately,
the only GOP member focused on national security and illegal
immigration has or will introduce ‘no amnesty’ legislation. His
name of course is Rep Tom Tancredo. Thank you again, Congressman