UPDATE: Senator Jim Inhofe and "Two Liberal Gals"

UPDATE JUNE 22, 2007: We hear today that the conversation recounted below was actually overhead by Senator Inhofe about three (3) years ago. According to Senator Inhofe, he has told this story often…and now we know that, at least, three (3) years ago Senators Clinton and Boxer discussed how they get a “legislative-fix” for talk radio. Today’s report also said that these “two liberal gals” denied this conversation.

Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK), a consistent soldier for conservatism dishes the truth on Hillary and Barbara Boxer. There are two ways to listen to this audio. 1) click on the breitbart link below, or 2) in my sidebar, to the right, very near the top, you’ll see my video/audio bar. Just click Hillary and Barbara Boxer’s picture.

Inhofe’s recounted conversation between Clinton and Boxer allegedly refers to the resurrection of the Fairness Doctrine. For everything you might want to know about the Fairness Doctrine, go here.

From breitbartTV:

BREITBART.TV EXCLUSIVE: Appearing on John Ziegler’s evening show on KFI 640 AM in LA, U.S. Senator James Inhofe says he overheard Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) and Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) saying they want a “legislative fix” for talk radio.

Listen to the audio here.

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