U.S. Citizens Disqualified from the Work Force: Goal of Immigration Lawyers

h/t to Jim Simpson of Truth & Consequences for posting a link to this revealing video this morning at Maggie’s Notebook. In the meantime, the embed link has become available.

The video shows a seminar hosted May 2007 by the law firm of Cohen and Grigsby.
As you’ll hear in the video, the seminar instructs employers how to lawfully weed-out job applications submitted by legal citizens, and hire only illegal aliens attempting to qualify for a green card.
“…the goal is clearly not to find any qualified U.S. workers – the objective is to get a person a green card.”

Honestly, how can these people, in their spiffy business attire, face themselves in the mirror? Clearly, they have enjoyed the bountiful benefits of this country’s work opportunities, but they spend their days denying the same to their fellow Americans.

Note: Early-on in the video a speaker is announced: Jen Peck. She is bloody boring to listen to. Just get past her and you’ll get the message.

Video courtesy of Hot Air and programmersguild

The goal right now is to kill Senate Bill 1639. Look through the links below for substantial information on the impact of this bill on America. We have only a few days left, if that. As you read though the material, look for information on the cloture vote, which ends the debate about the Bill. This vote is the key…no matter what your Senator tells you. It is believed that once the vote passes to end the debate, a few Republican Senators will be “allowed” to vote “no” on the actual Bill so that they will continue to receive 2008 election campaign funding from lobbyists. The Senate knows, however, that these “no” votes are not enough to keep the Bill from passing. America needs your voice this week. See links below to find your Senator’s contact information and send free faxes without a fax machine.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration(CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards,
email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

To contact your Senator, go to my sidebar at the right of this post. You’ll see a box that says “Write to Congress.” Input your zip code and it will take you to both your Representative’s and Senator’s phone, fax, street address and email.

For everything you ever wanted to know about illegal immigration, go the homepage for NumbersUSA.

You can send a free fax, without a fax machine at NumbersUSA. They will give you text for the fax, you can change it where you want to change it, or create entirely your own message.

Follow the links below to other Coalition members’ commentary and research. Read it, get mad and call your Senators tomorrow.

Debate on the immigration bill resumes from Debbie at Right Truth. Excerpt: The Senate is set to vote as early as Tuesday. Bipartisan members can’t wait to push the immigration bill through, while opponents will do everything they can to stop the bill. We can’t depend on our politicians in Washington, and many states are taking the burden upon themselves to pass much needed legislation.

Treason Coming to a Senate Near You from CommonSense America. Excerpt: As our Senate takes up their great American giveaway tomorrow, there is still time to let your voice be heard. They pretend we don’t know what is in their latest substitute, S.1639. They pretend they know nothing about the SPP and the North American Union. But those of us that have read their treason know exactly what they are up to. A quick peek at Section 413 of S.1639 on page 466 clearly states:

Fear and Loathing…of Fred…by the Dhimmicrats from Bear Creek Ledger. Excerpt: I think the Democrats understand that Fred Thompson is the real threat in the upcoming election. If Fred runs the possibility of a splinter within the Republican Party is gone. A 3rd party candidate who would take votes from the Republican candidate (ala Ross Perot) is the only way a Dhimmicrat can win.

Treason Abounds-Gov’t Cabal Plots North American Union from Freedom Fighter Radio Show. Excerpt: This research will reveal the betrayal of the American people by a government cabal who are bent on destroying our sovereignty in order to create a North American Union. The miscreants include many who function at the highest levels in our government.

It’s Working Secure our Borders Now Petition from Freedom Fighter Radio Show. Excerpt: It’s working! Thank you for signing the “Secure Borders Now” petition! Your voice, coupled with the thousands upon thousands of others like you who care about illegal immigration and have also signed the petition, is being heard.

Government Action’s that may cost Border Agents Lives from Freedom Fighter Radio Show. Excerpt: I have spoken with Border Agent Gary Burgman and Joe Loya (father in law of Agent Ramos) both men have stated to me that Agent Ramos http://www.agentramos.com/ has and is being denied as you read this his medications and proper medical attention this is an outrage. Also please don’t forget Border Agent Noe Aleman

The Democrats are working against Fred Thompson from Debbie at Right
Truth from Debbie at Right Truth. Excerpt: The Democrats are waging a battle against Fred Thompson. Reader and tireless opponent of illegal aliens, Mary Chamberlain, forwarded copies of emails she received from the Democratic Party. Here’s just a
portion, see for yourself:

Blurred Southern Borders from Bear Creek Ledger. Excerpt: What happens when there is no true border between Mexico and the United States? Graft and corruption become the cultural norm.

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Excerpt: Immigration Cloture Vote Passes on S.1639, from Right Truth. Excerpt: Maggie’s Notebook This just in from Bear Creek Ledger. More updates as the day goes on: Well – cloture passed on the S.1639 Shamnesty Bill Ayes – 64 Nays – 35 In Tennessee Corker

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Immigration attorneys from Cohen & Grigsby explains how they assist employers in running classified ads with the goal of NOT finding any qualified applicants, and the ste…

Tracked back by U.S. Citizens Disqualified from the Work Force: Goal of Immigration Lawyers
Excerpt: Cross posted from Maggie’s Notebook from Coalition Against Illegal Immigration. Excerpt: h/t to Jim Simpson of Truth & Consequences for posting a link to this revealing video this morning at Maggie’s Notebook. In the meantime, the embed link has become available.
The video shows …

Linked by Senators Begin Paying Piper for Illegal Immigration Treason from The Patriot. Excerpt: American government is supposed to be by the people and for the people. However with Washington’s handling of the illegal alien amnesty bill, first known as S.1348 and now known as S.1639, one would think our government is by the

Linked by Teddy Kennedy our designated driver on immigration reform from Conservative Common Man. Excerpt: From TheHill.com:. Senate to debate immigration overhaul bill. “I’ve been in Congress for more than 40 years and immigration reforms are always controversial,” the lead Democratic negotiator, Sen. Edward Kennedy (Mass.), said.

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