Tony Snow and Laura Ingraham: Another White House Surge

Baghdad isn’t the only surge the White House is deep into. Radio talk-show host, Laura Ingraham, interviewed White House Press Secretary Tony Snow last week. Snow says the immigration fix is “a $4.4 billion “surge of people and funds to the border right now.” (That would be the $4.4 billion bribe added to the bill to purchase amnesty (lack of spin and all sarcasm – mine) and says the funds (taxpayer’s funds) will be used to beef up border security, etc., etc.

Ingraham said her listeners were “infuriated, demoralized, disappointed and at the same time energized,” over the President’s embrace of 12 million illegals.

Sixty-nine percent of Americans, 85 percent of the GOP, 55 percent of the Democrats want the border enforced…

Does that affect you guys, or do you guys just blow it off?

Ingraham again:

Eight-five percent of the GOP doesn’t like what the White House is doing on this….You’re talking the base of this party.

Snow persists that the bill will secure the borders.


You keep repeating that, but nobody believes you…Nobody buys that this administration is serious about the border.

Snow laments that the public “hasn’t heard” (implying our lack of understanding due to lack of knowledge). Conservatives were insulted, she says, of the President’s recent claims that our “amnesty” tag is:

…empty political rhetoric, trying to frighten our fellow citizens.


…we see, we see…fear mongering, Tony, we didn’t like it…fear mongering.

Snow insisted that the President didn’t say it, didn’t mean it.
Ingraham got the last word: “He said it.”


Tony, why don’t people believe you?

The majority of your party, people who voted for President Bush … They see the conservative coalition dissolving before their eyes.

He opines that “there is needless acrimony” among Republicans. He gives the administration line: “…employers have gotten a pass, a wrist slap, and he mentions the illegal alien round-up raid at a meat packing plant, as an example, to which Laura tells him that the plant received hundreds of job applications to fill those jobs vacated by illegals. He pushes on: we’ve apprehended and exported 1.2 million illegals…according to border agents, crossings are down by one-quarter. Ingraham says huh-uh, we saw them lined up and waiting to cross while the debate was going on. At one point she says: “…the future of the country is dissolving and we want to see communities improving and not going down the toilet due to crime, crowded schools….”

Snow tries again: illegals under this bill, will not have access to our welfare system. Oops! Read the Heritage Foundation’s complete refutation of this claim here.

Laura rules! Never would you hear Liberal talk-radio grill a Democrat in this manner (is there still such a thing, these days, as Liberal talk-radio, or have none withstood the challenge of satisfying sponsors?)

Read the WorldNetDaily Report here with a link to the audio interview.

I do not imply that my above report is “word for word,” or in the exact order of the statements made, but I do believe it is an accurate representation of the interview.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration(CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards,
email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

Other Coalition commentary and research on illegal immigration:
Easy to get rid of Illegal Aliens from Joseph Farah Between the Lines WorldNetDaily Exclusive Commentary. Excerpt:If you listen to George W. Bush and his small, fringe-like cadre of amnesty supporters, you would hear that it is virtually impossible to get more than 15 million illegal aliens out of the country.

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Anti-Amnesty Advocates March in the Streets …”>from Debbie at Right Truth. Excerpt: No, the anti-amnesty advocates are not marching in the streets, but readers are wondering why not. Why aren’t the anti-immigration bill folks out in the streets marching like the illegals did in 2006 and 2007? A reader of Right Truth asks this question via email. It’s a good question, but the answer is that we have marched in Washington and hardly anyone noticed.

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Of Clay Pigeons and Immigration from Virtuous Republic. Excerpt: The Bush-Kennedy Immigration Bill will be revived this week in the Senate by Harry Reid, using a tactic known as the “clay pigeon.”

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