The Fairness Doctrine and Michelle Malkin

The finest moment in my blogging career happened this morning. mentioned Maggie’s Notebook and the Fairness Doctrine. America’s pithiest commentator, male or female, Michelle Malkin is my favorite voice online or on the air. What a great way to start my day.

Perhaps Senator Trent Lott did Conservatives a favor. An issue can’t sneak upon us if it’s out in the open. That’s what Lott did with the Fairness Doctrine.

Who would have thought, though, that Conservatives would need to stress over “our own” wanting to “hush Rush,” “hush Hannity,” and in general, hush any voice that doesn’t fall in line with Trent Lott.

Are there other Republicans in the House and Senate “who know what is best for us?” Do you have the guts to speak out and give us some notice? It’s a bit like our military fighting among the Iraqi’s and Afghani’s – dressed alike – flowing garments, etc. They cannot tell the enemy from the ally. Our military is at risk moment-by-moment. The Fairness Doctrine is not that dire, of course, right at this moment, but in the end, if we lose our voice (think Hugo Chavez)……our lives change drastically.

We musn’t be naive about this. The Fairness Doctrine is wrong and Senator Trent Lott deserves to lose his seat in Senate. Having said that, at least we can see him coming. Again, are there others? If so, we are paying you to speak-up.

Links for more on the Fairness Doctrine:
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Current this week: Trent Lott Wants to Reign-In Talk Radio: Fairness Doctrine

History of when and why we had the Fairness Doctrine and when and why it was dissolved: Fairness Doctrine: “A Chilling Effect”

Read the FCC’s own words at the January 2007 “National Conference for Media Reform.”
What the FCC , and the Media, has in Mind for You

The previous Fairness Doctrine was only “doctrine.” Supporters, such as Senator Dennis Kucinich, now plan to make it law. In 1987, the Fairness Doctrine was judged unconstitutional, why should it be constitutional now? The Fairness Doctrine, The 1st Amendment and all that…

Don’t buy the “Rush, Hannity, and O’Reilly will still be heard, but equal time will be given to Liberal talk radio.” It doesn’t work that way. There’s so only so many hours in a day; some great Conservative voices will lose their time to the likes of Al Franken. I do not know who those voices might be, but how disgusting to think that Laura Ingraham or Michael Reagan may be lost to Liberal subsidized rants. The Fairness Doctrine: Hush Rush

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Others talking about the Fairness Doctrine:
The Fairness Doctrine Isn’t Fair Enough from DeMediacratic Nation. Excerpt: Rebut Conservative ideas with Liberal ones on radio; then be sure to rebut either or both with anything else that exists regardless of how unpopular or small. Then ensure that each of these views is repeated from a black, Latino, Chinese, Japanese etc. perspective. Follow this with…

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Excerpt: Think Progress has an article, REPORT: The Right Wing Domination Of Talk Radio And How To End It. That’t right, you read it correctly … How to END conservative talk radio. (hat tip Rachel) The new report (via Center fo

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