The EU’s Plan to Consolidate Sovereignty on Terrorism

The UK is feeling the consequences of sacrificing sovereignty to join the crowd. From the BBCNews:

Britain is being “smothered” with EU laws, imposed without proper debate, say peers behind a bid to investigate the effects and cost of EU membership.

As German Chancellor Angela Merkel attempts to effect a new EU constitutional treaty, British Parliament member, Austin Mitchell says the EU is attempting:

“backdoor revival” of the European Constitution – rejected by Dutch and French voters in 2005.

From Lord Vinson:

…animosity would grow if the state kept getting “its fingers into just about everything.

Inevitably people will break the law more and more and we will become a more law-breaking society,

On the issue of terrorism and the European Union, the EU argues for consolidating the nations’ sovereignty to enable

…member states to be able to act more quickly by taking majority decisions.

Tony Blair’s position:

The UK will keep its right to veto cross-border EU crime policies,…

The Commons Home Affairs committee says:

…any benefits from the EU’s plans do not justify “a major transfer of power”.

As I search around for news of a proposed EU constitution, one thing becomes clear: Brits are concerned about the lack of debate and the tendency to “rubber-stamp” whatever the EU asks. Minister accused over EU jail law,

The Home Office has been accused of railroading controversial EU laws on the movement of prison inmates between member states through Parliament.

Reid discusses EU prisoners deal

Home Secretary John Reid is speaking to EU justice ministers in Luxembourg in search of a partial solution to the current prisons crisis.

For more than a decade now, Western European nations have been transferring sovereignty to consolidate power…this often against the wishes of the people. Personal identity as a European Union National surely cannot be lightly accepted.

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