Fred Thompson Answers Important Questions on Hannity and Colmes

Sean Hannity interviewed Fred Thompson on Hannity and Colmes tonight. Here’s the highlights, as my jottings reflect.

Please note, with one exception, the absence of quotation marks. I am not attempting to quote Hannity or Thompson word-for-word. I believe the following is a fair representation of portions of the interview. Portions of the interview are not included here.

On priorities, Hannity asks: What are among the first things you would do if elected?

From Thompson:
1) Explain to the American people what I believe the significance of the War on Terror to be, and what we need to do about it.

2) Reform the tax code. Keep taxes low. We are bankrupting our social programs.

On Iran, Hannity asks: Would you do a preemptive strike on Iran, wiping out the nuclear facilities, if you knew Iran had the capability to strike others.

From Thompson: “Yes.”

Iran could fold under its own weight. Our communications capabilities, that is, getting information into the country to the people, is poor. If every Iranian had a computer, it would be a free country today

On Scooter Libbey, Hannity asked: What is your opinion of the charges and conviction?

From Thompson: A shocking injustice [against Libbey].The CIA, the Justice Department and the Special Council helped perpetuate an injustice for their own end.

Hannity asked: Would you pardon Scooter Libbey?

From Thompson: Absolutely I would.

On Bill Clinton’s impeachment, Hannity asked: Why did you vote against conviction?

From Thompson: I split my vote according to what I believed to be my duty. I voted to convict on obstruction of justice, and not to convict on charges of perjury. I went back to the Founder’s intent and believe they did not consider this an impeachable offense.

Thompson’s new website: I’m With Fred

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