Dems Debate: Conquest of Incompetence

By Stanford Matthews
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Like you would expect anything of substance from a political debate. Maybe the Dems are so lame they can’t even get a debate choreographed well enough to hide their flaws. Maybe if they had gone on a Fox News debate things would have worked out better. So what are the high/low points?

The top priority each candidate gave for the first 100 days in office should be mentioned first. After all, look how Comrade Hillarywell the new Democratic majority has done with their 100 hour agenda. The only item that may make it into law any time soon is the pork barrel addition of the minimum wage raise in the Iraq war funding legislation.

Go figure, Comrade Clinton chose as her first 100 days top priority to bring home the troops from Iraq. In other words, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s first priority if elected President is to surrender.

ObamaObamarama may be mathematically challenged. Rather than a top priority he named two. Probably in answer to Edwards criticism of his health care offering and not to be outdone by Comrade Clinton, Obama picked surrendering in Iraq like Clinton and added health care to stick his tongue out at Edwards.

John EdwardsEdwards is almost as ‘out there’ as Kucinich. Edwards wants to ‘travel the world’ and ‘re-establish America’s moral authority.’ Who told Edwards we ever had moral authority. So is this one priority or two? Does he feel the need to travel and do the morality thing at the same time? Or is he liking the thought of Air Force One and some vacation time? It was bound to happen what with Air Pelosi and the rest all getting their own planes.

Chris DoddSurprisingly enough, Chris Dodd is the only one whose sound bite doesn’t seem to pander. Restore constitutional rights in this country. It is not completely clear what that is about or why he chose it. Did he mean to say constitutional? Or did he mean civil rights? At least he didn’t jump on the surrender bandwagon but the benefit to him for saying this is probably not a big help.

Kucinich and Gravel were about the war. Kucinich added getting rid of nukes. Thanks Dennis, we never would have thought of that one. Why isn’t your Peace and Non-violence Dept up and running yet? That would be a good job for them. (Kucinich and Gravel not pictured)

Bill RichardsonSen Joe Biden

Richardson wants to spend money and Biden is on the Iraq thing plus foreign affairs.

So they can’t count. They can’t select intelligent priorities. Children debate better. How anyone could vote for one of these incompetents is truly a puzzle. It is hard to believe there could be enough people voting for any one of these people for President that they would actually get elected. That is one scary thought. Ok, it’s two scary thoughts.

(source: This time, candidates don’t shy away from one another