Amnesty Defeat – It’s Not Dead Yet!

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TexasFred is reminding us of the seriousness of the intent of Liberal-thinkers to pass an illegal immigration bill. Read about next week’s meeting to breath life into the Legislation to Legalize Breaking and Entering (my characterization) at TexasFred’s.

Faultline USA’s A Skunk by Other Name is Still Amnesty! will link you to 20 loopholes in the Senate immigration Bill.

Velvet Hammer at Ironic Surrealism has up an amazing video by Roy Beck at NumbersUSA – the gold standard for tracking illegal and legal immigration, in my opinion, and a video that we all need to see several times. Arm yourself with the stats, friends, because we’re going to need the ammunition.

A closing thought: I’ve noticed that the PC effort to rid the world of the “racist” slur “Illegal Alien” has been successful.

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