With Your Stolen Identity, Life is Good for Illegals!

It’s not easy to lead into a piece on illegal entry into this country. Everything has already been said, and in the MSM, every salient point against illegal entry has been ignored. The basic FACT…that would be the “illegality” of illegal entry, is viewed by many in the Senate and Congress as a noble step taken by one, or a family, to make a better life for themselves. From the illegal entry day forward, your rights and mine are abused.

The most repulsive act of illegal entry is our stolen social security numbers and other forms of identity. Possession of an “identity” enables a much easier life for illegals.

Unfortunately, these most important but unprotected identities are “who we are” in America. We must have a social security number from birth. Many Americans have ALREADY been notified they they owe Federal taxes for jobs they’ve never held, on wages they’ve never earned…or found credit cards and loans on record with financial institutions that they did not request and were unaware of, had credit trashed, and even been linked to violent crimes they did not commit. Where is the outrage on the floors of the House and Senate?

For many of us, we WILL RECEIVE SUCH A NOTICE on some future day. I don’t know about you, but this makes my blood boil. For Congress and the Senate to ignore this injurious and insulting behavior, in the name of “…but what else can we do – they are already here,” is not acceptable.

With stolen identities, illegals are thriving. Watch this short Heritage Foundation video explaining the unbelievable cost of illegals to American citizens. Then, if you are interested in more, read my summary of The Fiscal Cost of Low-Skill Immigrants to the U.S. Taxpayer at Heritage Foundation “Smacks Down” Low-Skilled Legal/Illegal Immigrants as Productive Assets.

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