There are Two Sets of People in this Country

It is amazing how individuals can see the same set of circumstances and yet interpret them so differently.

I see two different types of people in this world.

I see one set that encourages stringent gun control that cares nothing for an individuals rights to bear arms.

I see another set that believes that we are entitled to bear arms to protect ourselves.

Out of the two sets, if an attack happens on our soil where we need to protect ourselves, which set of people will be hiding behind the other, looking to be protected?

Which set will be standing on the frontline, armed and ready to protect those that criticized them for their stance on guns, life and liberty?

I see one set that does everything from ignore our soldiers words, to criticizing them for speaking up, and another set that believes our soldiers are the “ultimate stakeholders” by putting their lives on the line everyday to protect those that ignore them, belittle them and protest against them.

I see one set that will denounce the killing of terrorists and yet encourage the killing of babies with Partial Birth Abortions.

I see another set that believes killing terrorists to protect our citizens is necessary and that killing babies is wrong.

I see one set of people that insist terrorists be given the same rights as Americans, as they ignore the rights of the terrorists victims and their families.

I see one set of people that will stand up and speak the truth and another set that would hinder our freedom of speech if they do not like it or it is not “politically correct”.

I see one set that will say “let them come here and lets fight them on our turf” completely ignoring the reality that they DID come here, but they do not fight like men, they kill innocent men, women and children in acts of terrorism because they cannot stand toe to toe with our military, so they hide behind women and children, kill them, commit suicide and claim all the national media attention our MSM will give them for recruitment of more monsters.

I see one set of people that will ignore our troops words about the realities on the gound in Iraq, facts they witness day in and day out and claim to know more about those realities because they sit on their asses and watch the news, and I see another set that support the troops and listen to them and try to spread their words so America can be given all the news, not just the bad.

I see one set of people that will scream, we must help the people of Darfur, in the same breath as they scream screw the people of Iraq.

I see one set of people that are willing to fight, even when the fight gets hard and another set that would tuck our tails between our legs and run for the hills if the fight gets tough.

I see only one set of people that believe the words of JFK when he said:

We shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”

One set of people I speak of are liberals and the other set are conservatives.

Ask yourself this question: When and IF they time comes that we must carry our arms to protect our families and loved ones, which set of people would you rather be on your side?

One of the major differences I see is when and if that time comes, one set of us will be prepared to fight for our existence, while the other set of people hide behind us screaming that they didn’t know, they weren’t warned, they aren’t prepared.

They do know, they have been warned and they buried their head in the sand so they didn’t have to get prepared.

You know what?

After all is said and done, despite the set of people that made it harder for us and criticized us for our stance on the right to life, justice, bearing arms, fighting for a strangers right to freedom, we will still stand in front of, and protect their worthless asses, for no other reason than it is the RIGHT thing to do.

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