New Contributor: Wake up America

You may have noticed some rousing articles posted here recently by Wake up America. If you are looking for War on Terror news, up-close-and-personal communications with and from our Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, and analysis about the politics behind this war, then Wake up America is the place to find it.

Spree, the dynamo behind Wake up America, will be posting some of her work here at Maggie’s Notebook. When I asked her for a bio, maybe a few words about why she blogs, her answer was “the blog says everything about me…”

And there’s this quote:

… [I’m] a person VERY sick of seeing the Democratic party harm our troops anyway they can. My blog IS my bio.

When you read her constant reporting and updates, you’ll ‘feel’ the passion behind the words.

Here’s a couple of new posts from Wake up America:

More on Bush’s VETO for all the details leading up to it. It’s not a simple issue – it’s important to understand the politics behind the President’s actions. Why? Because the Democrats desperately need to spin their irresponsible funding bill into a mandate from the people. It’s not working!

Petition to Baghdad ReidThis is your opportunity to send a message at Townhall and tell

…Sen. Reid we’ve had enough of his talk of retreat and defeat.

I am energized by Spree’s writing, by her enthusiasm, and the chat in her comment section is informative…sometime a bit irreverent. Spree can stir it up!

My thanks to Wake up America for contributing here and for the service provided for those who want to know, those who want to delve beneath the surface and especially those who want to hear it firsthand from the Troops and their families.

Welcome Wake up America!


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