Imam Edwards

By Stanford Matthews
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Forget that John Edwards is rich. Forget about his haircuts. Forget about those endearing anecdotes designed to elicit the ‘warm fuzzy’ from the audience. Forget about the two America’s speech and whether or not it is true compassion that a rich person claims to care about those in poverty.

But do not forget about the following. John Edwards prefers you ignore that he was ‘partied’ out of contending for the Democratic nomination for President in 2004 just as his campaign was beginning to take off and turn heads. He also prefers you forget that he acquiesced to the D party elite choosing John Kerry over him. And then the party lap dog removed all doubt that he was shameless by accepting the number two spot on the ticket.

It is one thing to pull out all the stops to represent your client as a trial attorney. It is quite another to be unethical in pursuit of that goal. To do the same in pursuit of the highest office in the land is more than shameful. To promote an anti-war demonstration, protest or whatever euphemism the left wants to call it, on a day set aside to honor those who sacrificed everything to protect this nation, defies description. To promote abandoning American troops, our obligation to another nation, and surrender in the face of the enemy should bring to mind a familiar charge.

Say hello to Imam Edwards. Apparently the influence of people like Marcotte and McEwan, Clinton and Obama and the treasonous disease known as the fringe left, have aided Edwards in finding his true calling. Or perhaps it is the natural extension to making millions on the misfortune of others and trying to cleanse his conscience by the facade of helping the poor. But then, that would require a conscience.

Finally, why did Edwards, as well as Giuliani, require public notice of their Sudan investments to reverse those transactions. That they ever had them in the first place speaks volumes about character. Anyone that rich is not likely to have succeeded building such wealth by being careless with money. To hold those funds when running for office displays nothing more than arrogance. Not to mention the two Americas, Edwards’ America and everyone else’s.

Edwards’s Memorial Day plans rile some vets
By Sam Youngman
May 18, 2007
Former Sen. John Edwards’ (D-N.C.) call for Americans to “get vocal” and “get active” in opposing the Iraq war on Memorial Day has some veterans groups livid.

Edwards’s campaign has circulated an e-mail from, an anti-Iraq war campaign within a campaign that suggests 10 things Americans should do on Memorial Day.

While the list includes suggestions like holding prayer vigils and sending care packages to troops, the calls to action like circulating anti-war petitions and carrying anti-war signs at parades has sparked a fury with some veterans groups.